How You Could Help

We can call for help

People ask me every day, “How can I help YOU?” I am SO horrible at this. I was just recording something with Keith Ferrazzi, he asked me, and I had nothing I needed. I’m just not good at asking, nor am I good at thinking about what I need.

You know one thing that would help me?

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That’s one thing that helps me.

If you want to help the world I care about, that’s another matter.

How You Could Help

  1. Donate a few bucks to, and then ask your friends to do the same.
  2. Refer jobs you can’t fulfill to others so they can get some work.
  3. Read to your children. That helps me immensely.
  4. Tell people they’re loved, especially people who don’t feel very loved.
  5. Send movies to people recovering from chemo.
  6. Buy a few extra books and give them to your local library.
  7. Watch a few episodes of Invisible People and put a $5 in someone’s hand next time.
  8. Comment on the up and comer’s blogs with as much kindness as you do on mine.
  9. Share with your significant other how much you appreciate him or her, for all that she or he does to support your efforts to grow.
  10. Make something. Anything. Use your thoughts and ideas and your abilities and make something as opposed to commenting or reflecting. Do something.

Those are also ways you can help.

Either/or. I’m happy with whichever. And thank you.

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