Human Business and What It Means to Me

What Is Human Business, and Why Does It Matter?

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I created Human Business Works because I believe there is a great opportunity to build business via what I’ve been calling the human digital channel. If you think of your website as the ultimate digital shop (built for conversions and sales- even if you use “sales” loosely), then human business is about how to build the ultimate digital shopkeeper. Another way of saying it: how do you build sustainable, relationship-minded business via these online spaces like blogs and social networks? How do you sell online without feeling like you’re being pushy, but with a real need to have results?

What Is the Human Business Way?

We have found five basic and core principles to how we believe business can best be conducted via the human digital channel:

Business is About Belonging – We don’t simply buy to fill a basic need. We want to belong. We are “the kind of people who drive a Prius” or “the kind of people who don’t recycle” or whatever we are. Business is about belonging. How do you help your buyer and your prospective buyer identify with you? We buy from people we know, and more so, we buy from people we think are like us. How do we translate that when presenting yourself online?

Cultivate Visibility – People are buried in information. They have more television channels and more web pages to view than hours in a day. If we are to truly deliver impact, we must cultivate visibility. We must be where people are talking and sharing. We must create information that shows that we’re there, that we’re relevant, and that we have something that’s useful to your buyer.

Earn Leverage – Your best customers will do even more for you, if you earn it. Your prospects and those who are on the fence will refer you to others, if you earn it. How does one earn leverage? How does one take one kind of interaction and develop the right to build a more business-focused set of interactions? This is what many companies miss, and how they ultimately go unseen and unheard in the human digital channel.

Own Your World – Now, more than ever, we are forced to consider the integration of us as a whole person (not just an employee and not just a parent or student or whatever identities we possess). We spend more hours on business than ever before, with very little added value. Many of us have suffered through job losses and downsizing and other issues, believing that the “bad economy” is to blame. Yes, in part, that’s a factor, but what’s more likely is that along the way, you’ve forgotten how to become an Owner. At all levels of your organization, training ownership and teaching personal mastery, personal responsibility, as well as that entrepreneurial spark, are the missing pieces of what drives a successful human business. We’re here to improve that.

Measure What Matters Most – Measurement is quite often a crutch. We create measurements to prove we’re doing something, even if that “something” isn’t really relevant to success. In the human digital channel, we seek out the 1-3 measurements that will matter the most for your specific challenges, and we focus on those. Measurement is vital for growth, but knowing what to measure is vastly more important than collecting all kinds of numbers with no possibility for impact.

How Does This All Slot Into Your Business?

With this as the framework of our core beliefs and principles, Human Business Works and I work to help you translate this for your business. We work on improving customer acquisition and community nurturing through a blend of efforts to improve your business processes, your technology, and your media efforts. We can give you guidance, or we can work alongside you and get you up and running. There are many ways this plays out in our business. But that’s the core of what we do.

It’s also the core of what I believe matters for a successful business.

Interested? Contact us to talk about how we can help you amplify your human digital channel and improve sales and business.

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