I Blogged Off-Blog Today

Action Distraction In case you’re wondering where today’s blog post is, it’s here. It’s here. It’s here. I blogged here. I blogged in the Meebo box here. I blogged here. I blogged here (via sms). I blogged here.

Blogging has gone to the streams. It’s in the comment section. The conversation isn’t just relegated to blogs. It’s out in the streams. In the Internet. It’s not static. It’s a rolling party, stopping to meet people along the way, diverging from the main topic to get lunch, and meandering over to another place when the first one gets too loud.

If you’re looking to engage the Internet in a conversation, you have to be ready to pick up and move. Don’t get too comfy at your desk. Use RSS search tools and readers to SEEK OUT the conversation. Engage on all the various platforms as best as you can, to take your message where it needs to be heard, interacted with, improved.

Don’t just sit there. Pick up your conversation and take it out to where the people are breathing, talking, interacting. Get out of your damned fishbowls. Bring the message out there with you. Be ready to converse. Communicate. Be ready to lead by learning. Get ready to engage on your position on all sides, adjust, and gain new appreciation for different points of view.

Static kills.

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