If I Owned Facebook

chrisbook There are lots of people complaining about this and that with regards to Facebook. Jeff Pulver points out that if you don’t like Facebook, make apps to fix it. I liked the premise. Jeremiah Owyang points out that Facebook holds onto your data and won’t let go. He’s right. And that’s NOT very Web 2.0, is it?

So, how would *I* rebuild Facebook, or do something different, based on what they did well:

  1. Build a platform with an open API with clean design – just like Facebook.

  2. Make the invitation process 2 clicks max and account for various relationship types – not like Facebook, but fixable.
  3. Encourage 3rd party app building, and viral takeoff of such – just like Facebook.
  4. Build a reputation engine (who knows me that you know that should vouch?) – not exactly like Facebook.
  5. Put RSS and porting options on EVERY module within the platform – COMPLETE opposite of Facebook. (I think I can get the status off there and that’s all, right?)
  6. Surrender STATUS and give it to Twitter/Pownce/Jaiku – Facebook is holding on to this one.
  7. Encourage edge applications like widgets and free data out to the network. – COMPLETE opposite of Facebook, barring a few kludge hacks.

It’s pretty close, and yet, the difference is SIGNIFICANT. Several smart folks have realized that Facebook is the new old-AOL. Walled garden stuff. That has to change, because right now we’re all in love, but should there be a falling out of some kind, the rats leaving the ship will be a pretty quick move. Don’t you think?

So, what would YOU do if you owned Facebook?

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