If I Were a Realtor

Ducks on a Frozen River

If I were a realtor looking to use social media for my business:

  • I’d write a blog about the location where I was selling.
  • I’d take tons of pictures and post them on the blog.
  • I’d shoot walking tour videos all the time with a Flip camera and post them.
  • I’d shoot interview videos with people from my community.
  • I’d host meetups and tweetups for local residents, inviting people who are house hunting.
  • I’d find various niche communities (developers, stonemasons, parents) and start community platforms for them on Ning.
  • I’d empower as many local businesses onto the Net as I could, and help them get successful.
  • I’d encourage as many people in my community to join Twitter as possible, and I’d bundle them into a list.
  • I’d consider setting up hyperlocal news and events sites, or at least empower/support their construction.

    I probably wouldn’t put pictures of me in a tie (or a dress) and write about the rates. I probably wouldn’t pitch you dozens of times in a row. I probably wouldn’t just rehash links to listings.

    But that’s just me.


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