I’m Not Really Here


I was talking with a friend about an event she’d attended. She said that it was okay, but she noted that a lot of people there were really into their Twitter accounts and not really giving as much attention to the people in front of their faces. Whether it’s text, Facebook, FourSquare, or Twitter, I’ve noticed a lot of this behavior, myself.

It’s not okay.

If you’re there to meet people and talk with them, then put your phone away. Barring any emergency calls you might be worried to receive, keep your phone put away while talking with people. If you really need to sneak in a glance of the online world, sneak off to the bathroom and do it there.

If you’re looking at your phone and not me, you’re saying, “You’re not as important as these people who aren’t here with us right now.” If you’re checking your phone while we’re talking, you’re saying, “I really don’t care what you’re talking about.” If you’re into your phone and can’t seem to put it down, you’re telling me, “I can’t really focus, so what do you really expect from me if we work together?”

It’s not okay. Even though society seems to turn away politely while you do it. Even though we’re all digital junkies. Even though there are a hundred little exceptions.

Put your phone in your pocket/purse/bag/whatever. If you catch me doing it during any meetups or events, call me out. Lord knows I’ll tell you. : )

Oh, and you’re doing it wrong.

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