I’m Not Selling to YOU

The Graduates

I had a kind of funny realization, and this relates to yesterday’s post on selling information: a lot of the time, the people who are complaining that I’m selling something aren’t my buyer.

I’m Not Selling to You

I’m not selling to Geoff Livingston. I’m not selling to Danny Brown. I’m not selling to all the people whose panties are all in a bunch because I’ve chosen to sell information on how to use Google+ for your business. You’re not my buyer.

There are lots of people who are very interested in just learning a system. They will go into Google+ and look around, click some buttons, and figure it out just fine on their own. Lots of them do what I do for a living, in some form or another. Lots of them even do what I do better than me.

But I’m not selling to you.

My Buyer For a Product Like This

My buyer for a product like Learn Google+ For Business and Networking is someone who only recently felt comfortable getting on Twitter or Facebook, and who feels a bit frustrated that yet another social network came along. My buyer is a business professional who smells that there’s something cool going on with Google Plus and they want to participate, but they’d like a little hand-holding. My buyer is someone who feels comfortable with the platform, maybe, but who wants a few tips and tricks that maybe they’ve yet to figure out themselves. (I had someone on Twitter ask a very reasonable question about privacy settings and how Google indexes or doesn’t index certain posts).

The Arguments Are All Interesting

I’ve seen dozens of comments and posts and blogs saying “How someone can claim to be an expert after 250 hours is laughable.” What’s laughable is that I’m not saying I’m an expert. I’m saying that I’ve used the service a lot and I’ve got some ideas that I think are worth your time and some money.

By the way, most of the people making this angry comment are the people who sell their consulting, presumably for money. They’re just mad that I’m selling Google+ information because it’s too new, so I can’t possibly know anything.

It’s Okay. You Don’t Have to Buy

The funny part is that people spend time and calories complaining about this. They complain about every new educational thing that comes along and helps people better understand something they already know how to do. See where this is funny? It’s okay if you know how to do it, people complaining. I’m not selling to you. You don’t owe me a single cent. (Also funny is that you all subscribe to my blog and read it fairly consistently, if only to make yourself feel better about how much more noble you are, or some such.)

I’m not selling to you.

You, However

You, however, are welcome to check out Google+ for Business and Networking. I think it’s going to be a blast.

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