The Importance of Story in Your Life

I’ve already raved about Donald Miller’s A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. Watch the video again, if you want:

The book is about story, but it’s not exactly a book about writing. It’s about seeing your life like a story. It’s about living a better story. It’s about learning how to be present and interact in your life’s story.

Quite simply: it’s the type of book that can help you change your life, if you’re willing to do the work.

I spoke to Michael Hyatt at Thomas Nelson, Don Miller’s publisher. He’s a great guy, and he’s endured my public speaking a few times so far, so I give him extra credit for that. Michael very kindly offered me 100 books to give away, knowing just how much I loved Don’s book.

So, for you, a challenge:

Get a Copy of Donald Miller’s Book

(This is only open to folks in the US for this particular project. But you should still consider getting the book, no matter.)

Here’s what I’d love to do. I’d love for you to write a quick blog post about the importance of story in your life. That’s it. If you want, link back to, so I’ll see the trackbacks as well.

When you’ve submitted your post, fill out this form, and give us the URL where we can see the story. Work for you?

It’s a great book and deserves a lot of attention in 2010. I hope you decide to check it out.

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