In Lieu of Holiday Cards

Batman Swoops In It’s that time of year where people start asking where they might mail me a holiday card, and so, I’m going to try and head you off at the pass. The sentiment is lovely, and I’m grateful that you’d want to think of me and reach out in a personal and real world way like that. Thanks for being here with me all year, for commenting and joining in the conversation here. Thanks for just saying hi and telling me you’re liking what I have to say.

But, instead of holiday cards, could I ask a favor? Would you be willing to read Beth Kanter’s blog post about the Give List, and about some really innovative ways to donate things you already have but might be able to do without to charities?


Buy Glenda Watson Hyatt’s Best Of Volume 1, which will support dinner for 100 people, and give you a selection of the Left Thumb Blogger’s best writing. (This brilliant woman writes every blog post with a single thumb. Meet Glenda some day at an event.)

And then, if you want to reach out in some personal way to me for a holiday card of sorts, maybe just write a blog post or post a flickr picture, or shoot a quick video, and say hi to me that way. I’ll try to say hi back, and wish you a happy holiday, too.


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