Investing in Your Community

Where do you pour water for your community?

Where do you belong? Where are your communities? For instance, I’m just getting into Soundcloud as a music and audio community. I’ve participated in and thought deeply in the impact of communities on business for well over a decade at this point. What’s on my mind is whether companies realize what an investment in their community means.

My Real Community

I’m fortunate to have you as a reader of this blog. I am blessed. Every day that you spend some of your time with me is a treasure. The community that I think of as home base, right now, however, is related-but-not-the-same. I’m pouring my soul into the work of maintaining my newsletter community.

First, think about that phrase: newsletter community. Those words go together like “chocolate steak,” (which, I bet would actually be tasty). But why? Because I’ve chosen to make that community the most intimate, the one with the most access to me, and the one where I will interact the most.

Think about the intimacy of your inbox. When I’m fortunate enough to earn my way in there (and maybe you get this blog in your inbox, but you can’t easily reply to it there, can you?), then I’m inside your real social network, aren’t I? I’m inside the place where you can share in a very meaningful way, instead of a one-button way. Think of what I earn by having that position in your experience and consumption.

In the Coming Weeks

In the coming weeks, I will be making many more offers to my newsletter community, giving more of my time away, providing more value for people’s participation. I have chosen this community as where I will invest. And if you’re part of it, you’ll get the very best of me and as much of my time as I can muster.

Here? On the blog? I’ll write useful posts that might get you thinking. As I hope this one did.

What comes next, I believe, isn’t a fascination with a social network of 1 billion. It’s cultivating your very own passionate 1000. Are you part of that passionate 1000?

Join me in that conversation here.

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