Jon Udell Explains FeedSync and How It Might Benefit You

Microsoft is up to some interesting stuff with their Mesh project. I’m genuinely interested in what this will mean for us, insofar as it leads to a people-centric web, instead of device-centric. I’m so glad it got covered in a blog post by Jon Udell.

Jon Udell is one of my favorite smart people in computing technology. His podcasts with IT Conversations are top shelf (if you’re in tech, the whole series is great, but Jon stands out and helps me suffer through missing Daniel Steinberg’s “Distributing the Future” podcast). But I digress.

This is tech talk, but Jon helps us think about it in plain English. Check it out, because it should influence your thoughts about social software, web presence, and the power of a people-centric web.

Read the full article here

BONUS round: read this piece by Om Malik about the new iPhone’s GPS features and how it enables location-based services (LBS). Mix and match from Jon’s piece and Om’s piece, and if I had venture money, I’d put a BOATLOAD down on something in between.

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