Keep Acting Like YouTube is About SkateBoarding Dogs

TV Viewing YouTube taught Kat how to how to parallel park. She’s not this good, mind you, but she passed her test.

YouTube helped me figure out how to pair my new Jawbone bluetooth headset with my iPhone 3G. That video answered a little technical glitch that was keeping me from getting the job done. The instructions on paper? Not so good. Not as easy.

YouTube is my MTV. It’s my Saturday Night Live. It’s my.. oh, did you click that last one? It’s my movie trailers.

It’s my way to check in with friends’ happenings.

So, it’s a lot of things. It’s education. It’s marketing. It’s conversation. It’s mind blowing.

And it’s a channel for conversation starters, messages, business, and more. You pick what you want to do with it. You decide. But if you’re not thinking about it in 2009, at least giving it thought on your various potential business communications opportunities, you’re missing a chance.

Photo credit, mikecogh

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