How Do You Keep Up?

“How do you keep up with all this stuff?” I’m asked that a lot. I get it. Busy

Keeping Up With the Digital Channel

First off, I don’t. I don’t read every tweet and Google+ post and whatever else. I dip in, look around, get out. I share interesting things that my friends might be doing. Sometimes, I share cause-minded stuff for people (like THIS – please just take a moment and give $10). But I don’t keep up.

Dip in. You can do this whenever. You can take 10 or 15 minutes a day (total!) if you want, and look around, comment where necessary, and then call it good. If you’re promoting or marketing your business, that’s all you need anyway. Put up a few posts, share a few related items, connect and engage where appropriate. Done.

Keeping Up With Email

There are a few tricks to keeping up with your inbox (I say this on a day where mine’s a bit messy). One is to reply back as fast as you can, and as definitively as you can.

Old: Sure I can meet with you. What time’s good for you?
New: Yes, I can meet with you. How about either 10am Tuesday or 1:30pm on Wednesday?

See the difference?

And now, an absolution:

Delete (or archive) any email more than 14 days old. You are NOT going to reply.

Do it. If you have x-thousand in your inbox, you’re never going to reply. If they need you, they’ll write back.

Keeping Up With the Latest Trends

I don’t. I don’t care. If something is worth it, someone will tell me. You read Mashable and someone else reads TechCrunch, and another person reads Obscure Mobile Technology Daily. Me? I read you. And when you think something is awesome, you share it. And then lots of people share it. And then I see it, and that’s still plenty early enough to do something with it.

This thrashing sense that we have to stay “current” on the news is rarely useful. Unless your business absolutely thrives on the now. But most of us only think our business does. Let’s say you sell marketing services to clients. Do you think that your client needs you to know about how Pinterest made their layout bigger? I’d say no. At least not at the very moment the news came out.

In the End, I Keep Up By Choosing My Priorities

Today and tomorrow, I have work to do for the people who take my courses. I owe them future lessons, and I owe them some feedback on various parts of the process. I owe prospective new clients some feedback. But I don’t owe Facebook my time. I don’t have to look at every Instagram photo that’s shot by. It’s all choices.

Me? I choose my priorities? You?

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