Kitchen Table Companies is LIVE

Kitchen Table Companies is LIVE

I’m very pleased to announce the launch of Kitchen Table Companies, an education community for small business professionals. Led by the talented Joe Sorge, this project has a few ways to participate, and I’ll explain those in a moment. First, I thought I’d explain the thinking behind the company, and then I thought I’d re-introduce you to Joe Sorge.

What’s a Kitchen Table Company?

Are you a small business owner and/or an entrepreneur? There are three ways to see yourself as a kitchen table company:

  1. You started your company at the kitchen table one day.
  2. You still run your company from the kitchen table.
  3. You love your business, but want to get home in time for dinner.

Any of these three things make you the kind of person this course and community are built to serve. We’ve been fortunate enough to run some successful businesses (mine have been in marketing, education, and media, and Joe has run several restaurants), plus we’ve had the pleasure of speaking with some really brilliant feet-on-the-ground people in lots of different walks of life who are running their own kitchen table companies. We are working in real world businesses, with the same challenges as you, and we’ve built a network of smart people in several areas of interest that can also pitch in and offer ideas, advice, and insights.

What KTC Will Do For You

When you join Kitchen Table Companies, you’re joining a community of small business owners and entrepreneurs, all at different stages in the game. We will offer ideas and advice in the forums. We have webinars and teleseminars and all kinds of educational content built with you in mind. You can come to KTC, take the course, read the ebook, but instead of just learning some stuff and leaving, you’ll be joining a community of people who want to help you stay accountable, who want to know that you’re growing, who care that you succeed. Whether you’re a one-person shop or a business with 20 employees worrying about what comes next, we’ll have ideas and insights to help with that.

Re-Introducing Joe Sorge

Joe’s the Facilitator and business partner behind Kitchen Table Companies. He’s the face of the project (even though I participate), and he’s the one you’ll receive messages from along the way. Why? Because he’s successfully built and run several businesses over the last 20 years and I wanted someone with more experience than me to help educate you and grow your capabilities. Joe is also the epitome of a human business worker. He believes in relationships and customer service and has a strong worth ethic. And with that, here’s Joe:

Can’t see the video? Click Here.


There are a few ways to participate in Kitchen Table Companies. It depends what you want to get out of the experience and what you feel is the best way for you to learn. Here are the offerings:

The Full Package – Get the course, the ebook, the extras, plus an entire year in our forums for less than the cost of a typical conference ticket.

SIX WEEK COURSE – Based around Today’s Entrepreneur & Small Business Owner, this is an expanded course, with webinars, interviews, and more useful information along those lines, plus three months of access to the forums.

Today’s Entrepreneur And Small Business Owner – A compelling ebook by Joe Sorge dedicated to giving you plenty of actionable advice and learning to run with on your own.

Membership Forum – If you want to network and learn from other small business professionals, we’ve built a membership forum where you can interact, ask questions, shop ideas, get advice, and learn. No ebook, no webinars, but lots of interaction with the people who make Kitchen Table Companies run.

Want to learn more? CLICK HERE


We asked a few of the people currently participating in Kitchen Table Companies to give you their opinions.

KTC is becoming my “go to resource” for knowledge & advice from a diverse group of entrepreneurs and forward thinkers. – Ryan Schade, Big Impression LLC

KTC has been strikingly different than most of my networking online. It’s a group of very business minded people. In fact, it’s filled with people who have actually “done that” in small business. What a refreshing change to talk business with people who have made a payroll and have worried over inventory. – Becky McCray, Small Biz Survival

KTC has been a pleasant surprise for me. I have connected with a few other entrepreneurs that are actually interested in my approach to several facets of my business strategy, and I have found the same in other members. Happily, I haven’t found this forum to be a collection of egos trying to out-shout each other, or prove to the world how smart they are. I came to KTC looking for useful dialog. I have found that already. Looking forward the growth of this community. – Sara Santiago, Founder and President, Roll Mobile

KTC offers a “seat at the table” with a group of small business owners with an amazingly varied wealth of experience. It’s a place where I can ask questions, answer a few, and generally commiserate with others facing the same issues and challenges that I am. – Randy Murray, Who Writes For You?

What excites me most about being part of Kitchen Table Companies is having access to the wisdom of other, more seasoned business owners. As a newbie to the small business scene, I’m looking forward to benefiting from their experience and advice. – Siobhain O’Reilly, Owner/Creative Director, Corporate Creative

Steve and I find the forum format very helpful. It brings to light many subjects we hadn’t even thought about. We like the idea of interviewing people for our blog. We hadn’t really thought of that before. Surveys or questions such as “What social media platform would you use on a desert island” are thought provoking and fun. The forum provides a sense of security that allows one to be more open with my thoughts. Speaking on the WWW requires more discretion because it is potentially a much larger audience. – Steve and Diane Brogan, Mom Pop POW! (disclosure: these are my folks, but I trust their word).

The breadth and depth of experience of our members is second to none. As the community grows, this is only going to get better. When you’re running a small company, you need people to bounce ideas off. The group of entrepreneurs on this site are your eSounding board! I’ve learned a great deal from my time on KTC. – Chris Reimer, Vice President, Social Media at Falk Harrison.


Joe and I know that you like a deal. We know that you’re interested, but that pricing this at a special February-only rate that’s substantially lower than the standard rate will possibly tip you from “considering” into “buying.” And for that, we’re going to offer you a special price. This pricing is ONLY valid for the month of February 2011, and it will go up after that.

For the month of February 2011 (from now until the end of the 28th day according to the Eastern timezone), you can get the following rates(all prices in US dollars):

Full Membership Package – Six week course with webinars, extras, ebook, and 1 year of community forum access and support – $447 (regularly $597)
Six Week Course – Six week course with webinars, extras, ebook, and 3 months of forum access – $ 397 (regularly $497)
Today’s Entrepreneur and Small Business Owner – ebook written by Joe Sorge – (sorry, no early discount.) $97
Membership Forum – monthly access to our forums (with no classes, webinars, or ebook, but lots of friendly help) – $27/month (regularly $47/month) (NOTE: this pricing lasts for as long as you keep the account going. If you’re with us 2 years from now, you pay $27/mo. However, if you cancel and sign back up, you’re back to $47).

Come Visit Us

We’d love to have you join up today, and if this is interesting, please send people a link to the post, so they can check it out for themselves.

Come to Kitchen Table Companies and learn more:

Kitchen Table Companies

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