The Magic of Kuha’o Case

So this kind of thing happens all the time. You’re blind, and someone says, “You know, maybe a piano would be a fun instrument to learn. And so you start messing around with it, and find out that you can play really well. Self-taught. You can’t read sheet music.

And then, someone else learns of your skill and asks you to demo it, like such (this video is long, but totally worth it to get the full impact):

Can’t see the video? Click HERE

And then it dawns on you: you want to make an album and share what you’ve learned. And you have a new friend who can help. And… here’s the crazy part, if you just spend a few hours setting up a little website, you can ask the Internet for a few bucks, not much at all, and get the whole thing launched.

This project costs a total of $30K to launch. By comparison, another Kickstarter to help with just the TOURING costs of making an album was posted for $1 Million (and it succeeded). For you and me to give $10 each (I gave a bit more, but just say), we could close this project as successful in 10 minutes.

Why? Because there are thousands and thousands of us. It would take 2200 of us to give $10 each, and this guy gets to make his album. But before you decide, watch the video below:

Can’t see the video? Click HERE.

I’m only asking YOU for $10. If you share it with your community, then maybe it’ll be worth $20. And then it’ll only take 1100 of us 10 minutes to fund this.

Bet we could. You ready?

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