LinkedIn and Trust

Mario Sundar Snaps My friend, Mario Sundar, from LinkedIn contacted me and wanted to do something fun to give away some copies of Trust Agents to folks on Twitter. The thing I love the most about LinkedIn is the reputation engine. Recommendations and referrals there are an awesome tool. That’s what we wrote about in Trust Agents, by the way: the reputation engine and how Trust Agents use LinkedIn.

So, Mario had an idea for a giveaway. Here’s how it works:

LinkedIn LogoAnswer this question ON TWITTER (not on this blog): “Who from your LinkedIn network would you endorse and why?” Respond VIA TWITTER and either share the URL to that person’s profile, or at least tag the post #linkedin to be considered.

The first 50 people who respond ON TWITTER appropriately to the question will get a copy of Trust Agents sent to them, courtesy of LinkedIn.

Want to play?

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