Look for the Signs- They are Everywhere

printing press The story isn’t the story. It’s what you learn from it. That’s the secret message here.

Jeff Jarvis does it again. This time, he talks about how Arianna Huffington saves journalism. He’s not wrong. She is front and center of the mindset of people doing new, good, amazing things with journalism. Jarvis knows because he’s been screaming and shaking his chalky fists at everyone that things has to change, and then he told everyone what things had to change, and then it was up to you (in this case, “you” was journalists and the media).

But the story is about the signs.

Are You Watching?

Thomas Friedman’s book, The World Is Flat told us tons about what was coming next in business. He wrote about value chain disaggregation. He wrote about how things would splinter into components and that we’d have to hold on to the most valuable part of our various business workstreams, because a lot of it would move off to other places.

How many people made business changes accordingly?

Marketers, are you paying attention to who’s spending how much and where when you read magazines, watch TV, or see billboards? Are you extrapolating out what it means to you, your business, etc?

Expand Your Sources

No matter what your business (or whatever your use for social media), look for informational and inspirational sources outside of your main discipline, your vertical, and outside of even simple reason. Find stuff way outside your typical scope, and way far away from your own point of view.

Ask yourself frequently, “Where does this lead? What could this mean?”

If you’re in media, the stories are all around you. The model’s broken. Yep. The numbers are smaller. Yep. People aren’t as into paper. Yep. Ads online don’t make as much money as on paper. Sad, but yep.

Some companies are figuring it out. Others are just paddling forward.

The same is true for many thing: advertising, marketing, big companies versus more flexible companies, and several other things.

We can find signs, and we can decipher what they mean, or we can just shovel entertainment into our heads, and unplug every night.

Am I ranty? A bit. Am I wrong?

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