Make it Your Blog Today

NMS is Packed I’m running the New Marketing Summit for the second day today, and I’m surrounded by a very intelligent group of professional marketers who have come to discern how these newer tools will drive more business for them. When I listen to the more skeptical and cynical in the crowd, I realize that we (and by we, I mean the new media, the bloggers and podcasters types) have to build our interfaces a lot better. For those of us who want to help businesses grow, it’s up to us to understand how to better deliver value back to what marketing needs most: things like lead generation and search value, things like list building and market segmentation.

No matter how many of our fluffy toys make business more human, there are still real, solid goals that need to be met before marketing teams of the world embrace these tools as part of their set.

So today, while I’m at the conference working with the hot exchange of information, I wanted to give YOU my blog ,and have you write your thoughts and ideas on how what we’re doing helps the process.

What value are we giving to the larger communications world? Not even marketing, but how are we helping MEANINGFUL communication evolve?

That’s my question for you. Your job is to make the comments section way better than the post section.


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