Media Coverage

You could be the reporter on “your” space, on the industry you serve. Instead of the marketer or the owner-pretending-to-be-a-marketer, you could work on being media coverage. It just takes some thought. Scary Face

If I asked Joe Sorge who the prominent players were in the restaurant business in Milwaukee, he’d be able to tell me. If I asked him about news that impacts his industry, he could tell me. He also has made media lots of times before. So in essence, Joe could choose to launch Milwaukee Restauranteur and be the voice of the space he also happens to serve.

Becky McCray, Sheila Scarborough, and Leslie McLellan cover ideas for the tourism industry. They share news from that space, ideas, and of course, they have products that they sell to the space. It’s an easy concept to grasp. Be the reliable source of news for a space and suddenly, you get a seat at the table for those you have the pleasure to serve.

Of course, it’s not super easy or guaranteed. Some thoughts to help you through. Let’s say you set up a website and/or a newsletter to cover the space you serve. Here’s what’s next.

Guidelines For Creating Media Coverage

  • The best stories are those that serve everyone in your space, not just your prospective buyers.
  • People read more if you’re helpful, if you’re entertaining, and if you talk about them and not yourself.
  • Be clear about your bias and disclose up front. On your about page, be clear that people know who you are and what you represent.
  • People won’t bother reading your stuff if you trash your competition or portray them in a bad light. That only goes over in social media, evidently.
  • If you’re truly covering your space, and there’s negative news about you to report, be ready to report it.
  • Text is swell, but so are photos and video and audio and all the other ways you can connect.
  • Interviews are great. So are how-to pieces, etc.
  • It’s perfectly fine to sell. Just be clear when you’re doing so.

This method works well for lots of potential business opportunities, from people like California’s Trial Lawyer of the Year Mitch Jackson, who publishes communications tips for everyone while also showing that he’s got lots of abilities in his chosen professional, to people like Joel Libava, The Franchise King, who covers the franchise world.

And Here’s Me Being Clear and Selling

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What do we cover? Stuff like what I said above, only in detail. Not sure it’s for you? Read More Here.

Cover your space? I think it’s a great idea a lot of the time (with caveats and qualifiers, of course).

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