Lately, I’ve had really good luck with something, and I wanted to share how it works.

I’ll get excited about something. I’ll find someone I work with or know who happens to already be established in this something. I ask them for advice or tips, and almost invariably, I get some great new wealth of information that I didn’t have before I shared my excitement. It turns out other people really enjoy sharing THEIR excitement with you, and in turn, there’s a great feedback loop.

I asked a guy a simple question. “Say I want to buy a really low end tennis racquet to start out with; what’s a good brand?” He says, “I’ve got all kinds of racquets in the garage. I’ll bring one in for you.” Now, I’m doubting he’s going to give me something in the “cheap” category. Instead, it’ll just have been used a bunch before. No big whoop to me. I’ll get a great racquet to start with, and at a fraction ($0) of the cost for just trying something new out.

Another example: I asked my Chinese colleagues what are some good green tea brands to look for, because I’m drinking only green tea and water. They brought me TONS of really nice green teas to try, most of them directly from China from their recent visits. Talk about cool!

So, I’m finding that momentum is the mother ship. If I share my excitement about things I’m doing, I get some great results from people who are just as excited that someone cares about what they’re into.

Last example: I’m going to run a 5K on July 4th. Turns out a coworker of mine (who ran the Boston Marathon) runs that one every year. He has all kinds of information and advice about the course, including telling me that the first 1/2 mile is up a killer hill. See? Now, I can go train on running up hills so that it won’t wipe me out.



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