Move On

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Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure to attend and share thoughts at several social media events. In more recent times, I’ve come to appreciate the regional events, as the crowd there is often quite different than our national experiences. It’s come to me just recently why that is.

The Kitchen Table

A kitchen table is often the heart of the home. No matter where you want that heart to be, where things really happen is often at that table. You do your homework there. You and your kids do homework. You and your spouse argue over money. You talk about what comes next, good or bad. The kitchen table is a place where we experiment with new things before we move to the next thing.

To me, social media events are a kitchen table of sorts. It’s where we go to feel supported, to feel nourished, to feel validated for what we’re going to do next. Going to BlogWorld or SXSW or any of a dozen other great shows lets you speak with the people who “get it” and spend time with the people who know what you’re talking about with such excitement and zeal.

But we can’t conduct all our life at the kitchen table. At some point, we have to take those experiments and that nurturing out into the world. We have to move on.

What Moving On Means

First off, we have to return to the kitchen table from time to time for nurturing and sustenance, so don’t let it seem like it’s forever. It’s a cycle. The kitchen tables of our lives have a reason for being there. They are the anchor of a lot of what feels right. So going to the various social media events to learn more, to affirm what you already know, to meet people who see things the way you do, is a big positive. Accept and appreciate that.

But then, what really has to happen is that you have to take what you’ve learned and bring it out of the bubble. You have to go back and embed in the places that need your help. You have to grow the idea from being “inside baseball” to “useful to the people that matter to you.”

Come Back, Go Out, Come Back, Move On

I guess, in the end, I’m just saying that it’s all a cycle. We all grow. We all try new things. We all develop.

I have so much stuff to talk about in the coming days. Sorry I was quiet. I had some things to take care of.

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