My Move to the Genesis WordPress Theme

Genesis Premium WordPress Theme

Earlier today, I switched themes to the Genesis Premium WordPress theme (affiliate link). It is a very strong WordPress theme, with lots of SEO capability built in to improve search. It’s fairly straightforward behind the scenes. I haven’t run into anything that scares me.

It’s not as designer-tweak-filled as Thesis, but as I’m not a designer, and as I never touched those parts myself very much, I’m okay with that. I paid Nico to design my blog, so I wouldn’t break anything.

The team behind it, StudioPress has lots of other custom themes as well, but I’m going to stick with Genesis for a while, and here’s why: It’s a theme “framework,” which means that it’s going to allow for “child” themes or “skins,” so that I can stay on Genesis but add a video-intensive theme, if I want.

So, I’m pretty excited to try out a new theme and see what makes sense.

If you’re using Thesis, I still think it’s a good theme, and for those of you wondering, Chris Pearson and team at DIYThemes are GPL-compliant again, so that’s a non-issue.

For me? I’m just trying out a new theme framework, and so far, I’m pretty happy with it.

Want to check it out? Visit Genesis today.

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