Moved my 41400 Comments into Disqus

Disqus Boy, was I freaked out about not wanting to implement a new comment system on my blog. I have over 41,000 comments here. Do you think I want to lose even one precious word you’ve written back to me over the years? No. That’s the short answer. So I have put off moving to a commenting platform for a long time.

I’ll be honest, what got me to convert was that Giannii from Disqus did the conversion for me while I squirmed and winced and looked between splayed fingers, hoping against hope that it would go okay.

And now? It’s over. I’m there. I’m on their commenting platform.

But why? WordPress has a perfectly good commenting system. The answer is two fold: flexibility and searchability. The tools allow users and me to do more with commenting, and they also make it much easier to search the comments and for the comments to be found floating out on other platforms for better discovery.

I’m excited. I’m in. I’m happy with the service and with Giannii’s (and team’s) help.

Worth a look-see.

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