MP3s (for Bug and family)

Here’s the playlist of music I listen to occasionally while running:

Session- Linkin Park (from Matrix 2). My warmup.
Inner Vision- System of a Down. Get running.
I Come From the Water- The Toadies. Move.
Rollin’ – Limp Bizkit. (Sensing a theme, energy-wise?)
It’s the End of the World As We Know It – The Suicide Machines (punk).
One Vision- Queen (Bug’s Dad will appreciate that song)
Crazy – Seal.
Payback- Fatboy Slim.
Without Me.- Eminem.
Sugar- System of a Down.
Start the Commotion- Wiseguys.
Belleville Rendez-Vous.- Triplets of Belleville
Business- Eminem
Gimme the Prize- Queen. (From Highlander)
Nuguns- System of a Down.
When the World Ends.- Dave Matthews (Paul Oakenfold remix from Matrix 2). Cool down.

I usually skip three or four songs near the end on shorter runs, and lately, I haven’t taken music out with me. It’s been messing up my efforts, because I run to the speed of the music instead of my body. But, if I’m listening to tunes, they’re fast and high energy.

Now, when I go walking or what-not, I listen to people like:

Be Good Tanyas
Sarah Harmer
Jolie Holland
Damien Rice

(All folky stuff).


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