My Best Advice About Personal Branding

Prisoner In some ways, personal branding is noise. It’s talking about one’s self instead of talking about something that’s useful to others. But another way you might look at it is that personal branding is leverage: once you know me, you start to build a relationship with me. Once we have a relationship, I can share even more with you. The more we share, the more likely we’ll have other common interests down the road. It’s definitely part of the whole social media story, the rise of “me,” and personal branding. Here are 10 posts about personal branding from this site:

My Best Advice About Personal Branding

  1. 100 Personal Branding Tactics Using Social Media
  2. The Real Power of Personal Branding
  3. Develop a Strong Personal Brand Online (part 1)
  4. Develop a Strong Personal Brand Online (part 2)
  5. Strip Malls for Personal Brands
  6. Passion Drives Personal Brand
  7. Elements of a Personal Brand
  8. Personal Branding and Social Media
  9. Quick Branding Tips for Individuals
  10. 10 Ways to Make Your Next Conference Better

Here are some folks I think do personal branding very well:

Is that everyone? Hardly. But those came right to mind. Hopefully, my advice will help you think about your own personal brand. What do you think?

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