My Business Wish List for 2010

presents What do I want the world to bring me for business in 2010? It seems like a reasonable question to contemplate, don’t you agree? We think about our personal wishes all the time, but why not think about it with regards to our businesses? In my case, business is complex. I run New Marketing Labs . I’m working with CrossTech Media on a new project. I’m launching my own company (no word yet until the site’s up). I’ve got the writing and other stuff on the go, but just the same, I’m going to try and list out my business plans and my business wish list for 2010. I encourage you to do the same.

My Business Plans for 2010

  • For New Marketing Labs , I want to do more great content and channel development projects like last year. I like helping companies find more sales. (And frankly, I plan to double 2009’s revenue.)
  • For CrossTech Media, I want to develop a new way to deliver media in multiple channels and methods. I want to help some of traditional media’s folks with how to better use the web, so I’m going to find some of the folks displaced by the web and help them grow a new type of following.
  • For my writing, I want my new book, Social Media 101: Tactics and Tips to Develop Your Business Online (amazon affiliate link), to do reasonably well. I also can’t wait to work with Julien on our new book (no details on that yet).
  • For my new business, I want to supplement the education of 35-55 year-olds in matters of professional development, and I want to bring fun/games/play and other elements back to learning.
  • For my blog, I want more subscribers, and a chance to really push even harder than 2009.
  • For my new projects, I’m going to work on some content marketing projects, and new segments, perhaps with some other writers/collaborators.

My Business Wish List for 2010

  • I want to continue being invited to speak at really non-social-media places like the National Confectioners Conference (this is the candy bar people’s event), and other places that don’t all live or die by Tweetdeck.
  • I want to review unique adult learning experiences. For instance, I want to see what Pixar does to educate folks. I want to see what MTV does for creativity projects. I want to see all the more interesting fringe learning experiences going on.
  • I want companies to start their skunkworks projects on how to use social media internally and externally, and to earmark some of their “experimental marketing” and their IT spending for such projects.
  • I want to work more on experience marketing projects, where we take events and happenings and stores and other physical world things and blend in some web world delights with them. I’m happy to be friends with Tim Hayden and GamePlan and maybe some of that will come from there. (#gr2l)
  • I want to see customer service treated more seriously, and I want to see its adoption of the social world reach even deeper, and further, I want to see the great customer service I receive online shift out into the offline world. (Which companies do you think have the best shot at this?)
  • I want to write a monthly column for a print magazine like Inc, FastCompany, Entrepreneur, etc.

So What’s the Point of the Lists?

First, if you don’t ask, you don’t get. Second, I like sharing how I see the world, because maybe it changes some of how you see things, or gives you ideas based off mine. Third, I find that by writing these lists, it causes me to focus on what I’m going to put out there for 2010.

For instance, I note that there’s a lot of stuff on my list. If I want to be successful, I have to find a few things to consider NOT doing. For instance, maybe I can advice and launch the content marketing projects, but not actually do all the work. Maybe I’ll just “hire” some people to create under my ideas, and then give them a percentage of the revenue. But until I wrote it down, I didn’t know what I wanted to do there.

And Your List?

Don’t write it in the comments. If you like the idea and it makes sense for your blog, write it there, and consider linking it to this post.

And like I said, I’d love for you to subscribe for free if you’re typically a website visitor. Even if you drop by still via the web, the option of the inbox or your reader of choice isn’t awful.

So, what’s your list?

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