My New Carry-On- Eagle Creek Tarmac 22

The other day I was complaining about my carry-on luggage. I’d just purchased a new Samsonite bag and it wasn’t working nearly as well as my much larger version of the same bag. My friend Mitch Joel told me that he had just the bag I should buy: the Eagle Creek Tarmac 22 (affiliate link). So, I did. And I have to admit, when it came in, I wasn’t very impressed. Frankly, it looked really tiny, and I was worried things wouldn’t fit into it. Then, I tried it out. Here’s a video I shot of unpacking the bag:

It’s amazing how much stuff I got into that bag. I’m in love. It functions exactly the way I wanted it to work, and better. I’m grateful to Mitch Joel for turning me on to it.

Want your own? It’s not cheap, but it’s super worth it. The Eagle Creek Tarmac 22 is cool.

You might wonder why I’d bother to review a piece of luggage. The answer is that this thing really helps me travel more effectively. I like to share the tools that help me with my job. Most times, those are books. This time? A carry-on bag.

Small update: here’s a neat problem fix by Dom Pruitt for if you have handle issues.

People always ask which camera I used to shoot my video. I use the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3 (that’s a review of the camera).

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