My New Vastly Superior Business Model’s Secret Glue

Violette the Thinker I was having trouble falling asleep last night and I realized it was because I was thinking about who else I could connect Mark Divine and Joe DeSena with to improve their goals of getting their ideas out to more people. And then I went immediately into thinking about how I could work more with Rachel Gogos and a few other people to even more business. You see, this is a huge chunk of how I now spend my calories.

My Business Model’s Secret Glue

If there’s a “secret glue” to my new and amazing and vastly superior business model, it’s this: the monchu is the media. ( What the heck is a monchu?) And by that, if I serve the community I have the pleasure to serve, I’ll build up far more success than if I go around trying to “find customers.” Instead, I think about how to help Gary & Sylvia meet their success goals. I’m working to help Terry Simpson get the word out to his people.

I still work hard on coming up with big ideas that someone can implement to change their business for the better, but I also work hard on connecting people together for their growth and success. Why? Because giving April O’Leary a better way to help the people she’s passionate to serve is a lot easier than me worrying about helping everyone.

Can This Work For You?

I think so. Christopher Lynn at the Colonnade could focus on selling to a select few hundred instead of several thousand and he could still be very successful. Joe Sorge of AJ Bombers could focus on one experience that lives heavily by word-of-mouth. I think it will work for lots of businesses.

But will it work for yours?

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