My Program

Jon asked me in a comment if I was getting up at 4 or 6, and or commented about my program. I thought I’d write out the rough picture of what I’m doing.

  • Wake at 4AM.
  • Take my vitamins and my allergy meds.
  • Drink 32 oz water.
  • Eat a banana (sometimes some dry oatmeal, too).
  • Drive to my running destination: Maudslay, Bradley Palmer, Willowdale (all forests), the ocean, or the gym.

    (My program is a slightly modified Hal Higdon)

    Monday: Strength (AM or lunch at the gym, PM at home)
    Tuesday: Run (Decent length. Usually once in AM, once at night).
    Wednesday: Run or crosstrain (I do both. Run + cross in AM, same again in PM)
    Thursday: Run (Decent length. Twice again AM & PM).
    Friday: Rest (So, I rest from running and do stretching and core exercise).
    Saturday: Cross-training. (Swimming, usually).
    Sunday: Long run. (Only once, thanks).

    I’m working with a chiropractor, a massage therapist, my doctor, and a podiatrist to ensure that I’m not overdoing anything and not adding undue stress or injury. Mostly, I’m listening to my body and trying to satisfy its requests.

    And even though I’m getting up at 4, it means I’m sacrificing on the other end and falling asleep around 9:30 or so. Last night, I started dozing around 8, and couldn’t be exceptionally helpful to Kat. I’m not sure if that’s the B Complex, or just the general fatigue from a long day.

    Anyhow, off to run at the beach today. I have four miles to complete, and I’ve got some different plans for how to spend the distance (some sprints, some stride work, some fartleks). See you around 6.

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