My Site Dressed in Thesis

Thesis theme RSS readers: come visit! Today, I’m pretty pleased with my new Thesis web design. I love how clean and crisp and clear the layout is, how tidy the letters are, but that’s just the stuff that you see. It’s a premium WordPress theme, which means it’s $87 to buy. Free is usually my default first choice, but it’s when I dig into the controls behind the scene that things look really sweet. I can tell that I’m going to really love using the software to keep my design fresh for a while.

I had a little help. Chris Pearson, the Thesis theme designer, did the customizing, which wasn’t all that much work, from what I learned. He says I can even do it and not break things.

I’ve been a big advocate for Thesis since it launched, but before that, I was a HUGE fan of the design on, which was created by Chris Pearson. I used to leave comments on Copyblogger telling Brian I wanted Chris’s themes for myself.

All the time, I’d beg for them. And then one day, Pearson released a theme for WordPress users. And I rushed to use it. It was clean, delightful, and otherwise amazing. But now, looking back on the difference between beautiful and technically superior, that old theme was like something whacked together in notepad compared to Thesis.

Yes, it’s that good.

Thesis themeSo, I’m pretty hyped about this design, and I strongly encourage that you check it out if you’re a WordPress user. I know that some of you have already taken my advice from previous mentions, and if you want, throw the URL to your cool Thesis site in the comments. It’d be fun to see what you’ve done with yours. (Remember, I had some help. It’s not every day the guy who made the theme helps you work it up.)

Speaking of help, if you want help customizing your WordPress themes of any kind, I’d strongly recommend two people. Nico Pin of Snowy Day Design did my last website, and I loved it dearly. He’s a super great guy and a really helpful resource. He’s also sometimes ridiculously busy. If he is, check in with the Content Robot folks at We Fix WP. They’re very skilled and every bit as clever.

So, if you like what you see here, check out the Thesis premium WordPress theme page, and decide whether it works for you.

And if not, just say, “Hey Brogan, pretty site, eh?” Or you can gush about Pearson like I’m often interested in doing.

Thesis theme

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