My Twitter Presence

Three Chris Brogans Managing one’s Twitter presence can be tricky. At over 146,000 followers at the time of this writing, I’ve got to do things to manage at scale. I wanted to share with you my thinking, as I’m asked quite often, “How can you follow over 100,000 people?” This post should help you understand the ins and outs of my Twitter Presence.

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My Twitter Presence

First – My Accounts

I now have 3 official accounts for me:

@chrisbrogan – is my main account. It’s my home base.
@cbreplies – is how I’ll reply to people from now on (most times).
@broganmedia – is a data feed of things I’ve shared plus my blog’s RSS feed.

Every other account that mentions my name in part or in whole is not mine, not run by me, not endorsed by me.

The Tools

People always ask about the tools I use for Twitter. Here’s the list.

Seesmic Desktop – for my desktop.
Seesmic Mobile – for my phone.
SocialToo – for auto followbacks (NOT auto DMs), and spam mgmt.
Twitter Search – for search strings.
Listorious – for finding good Twitter lists.
oneforty – for all things Twitter (hi, Laura!).

My Twitter Goals

I have more than one goal in mind when using Twitter. In fact, I have several. They may be different than your goals. Your goals are also okay. (Oh, and you’re doing it wrong.)

  • I use Twitter to get the pulse of people in the larger online world.
  • I use Twitter to communicate in two directions.
  • I use Twitter to promote important causes, as well as business opportunities.
  • I use Twitter to promote other people’s stuff 12 times as much I as do mine (12:1 rule).
  • I use Twitter to stay updated on people’s shared news.
  • I use Twitter as a quick pulse-taking service.
  • I use Twitter to find business (via search).
  • I use Twitter to stream links to my stuff and to others’ stuff.
  • I use Twitter to connect with humans.

Again, there are lots of ways to use it. Your way is just wonderful. My way is just mine.

My Twitter Methods

  • If you’re not using a multi-view client (like Seesmic, or HootSuite, or Tweetdeck), you’re not going to see it all.
  • I use search more than any other feature and follow many search strings.
  • I scan my @replies and a search on “brogan” to make sure I don’t miss replying to you.
  • I have a column open to scan for Trust Agents. I said we would.
  • I use lists to make sure I see as many people as I can. I turn these on and off.
  • I probably didn’t see your tweet. At over 100,000 people, the Twitter API can’t even send me them all. Software/pipe issue.
  • I follow back so that you can DM me. (I unfollow you if you spam me.)
  • I follow anyone who follows me (with some exceptions). I unfollow bad/annoying people as I find them.
  • I try to reply as often as I can. If I miss your @ message, I’m so sorry.
  • Sometimes, I use Twitter to get answers. If you ever want to see what people said back to me, just click this.
  • Twitter is not a way to reach me in a hurry. If you need me immediately, you probably already have my cell number.
  • Twitter isn’t a great place to ask me serial questions. If you have many questions to be answered, feel free to contact me.
  • Twitter is a great place for serendipity. Try that for yourself.

How do YOU use Twitter?

This was my methodology and mindset behind Twitter. Yours is no doubt different. It’d be fun to see your post on “My Twitter Presence.” Feel free to drop links to such posts in the comments section (note that I manually approve all html links, so bear with me). What say you?

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