Needed- a Cloud Backplane

server backplane Because of my problems reported yesterday in when Google owns you, it dawns on me that there’s a great opportunity here. I need a cloud backplane. I’ll explain.

Okay, for everyone who commented “you should have a backup” or “you should use something else,” here’s what you missed: Google apps allow me to be computer-hardware-independent. I can work out of any browser and get the same experience. Further, Google has collaboration built in. I can have my assistant, my staff, and other key people interact with my data on my behalf. I can’t do that with most of the recommended replacement apps.

So, what *could* be useful?

A cloud backplane, something that obfuscates the bearer levels and the various authentication platforms, that allows me to use whatever front-end I want to move back and forth through it.

If that all sounded like gobble-di-gook, think of it this way: we used to have to use AIM for our AOL friends, MSN Messenger for our MSFT friends, etc,etc. I’m a Mac guy. I use Adium. It lets me communicate via IM with several different types of platforms.

Add collaboration into that, add something like OAUTH, and suddenly, I’m getting closer to having an ecosystem where I can use whatever front end, whatever set of tools, and wouldn’t have to be dependent on one particular ecosystem.

Anyhow, just thinking.

Photo credit Collin Allen

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