Creatives Are a Needy Bunch

Writers are a needy bunch, for sure. Tell me if you know this story. Flight.

You put together some interesting piece about something that matters to you, you post it up, and then you start to promote it. You must promote it, because you need people to see it. You need feedback. It’s not good enough to have written. It has to have been seen.

We do this with our photos. We do this with a lot of what we create. It could be your favorite short bread cookies. It could be your scrapbooking project.

But creatives, of which I am one, have this need not simply to create, but to share. And honestly, we don’t need to share. We need the feedback. We need to hear someone tell us that what we’ve said is smart, or that what we’ve baked is delicious, or that the photo we took of the dolphins was magical and profound.

This isn’t bad. It just is. Do you feel it?

It’s Important to Know This About Ourselves

Once we know this, we can choose how we feed it or not. We can choose to relax when someone doesn’t comment right away. We can opt to find our own self-delivered praise instead of waiting around for others to say the words we want to hear. But we have to know it about ourselves, first.

If you’re a creative, by default, you’re a bit needy. But accept it, and learn how to feed yourself in other ways, and you’ll find that you can manage those feelings a little better. Ignore these facts and you’ll be frustrated more often, upset that someone hasn’t yet come and realized the masterwork you’ve created, annoyed that someone else hasn’t tapped you on the shoulder to point out to others your genius.

It’ll be a lot more fun once you realize you can pat yourself on the back just as easily, that you don’t need other people’s words to feel good about what you do and make. But in the mean time, just know that we know. We, the other creatives, the needy types. We feel you.

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