Never Avoid a Classroom

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Education is lifelong, and it matters to your existence. As you leave the formal setting of school, however, be sure to pay attention to the opportunities to dip into a classroom when you get the chance. It turns out that classrooms are all around us.

Criticism Can Be School

In launching 501 Mission Place, we knew a few things. Estrella Rosenberg runs more than a few nonprofits and spends her time with others. John Haydon is deep in the space. Rob Hatch, my second in command at HBW, came straight out of a nonprofit. And yet, we had some things to learn in understanding how our project would be received. It was very wonderful to receive several comments and pieces of feedback to help better educate our efforts in delivering the project successfully to the nonprofits we want to help. By taking the constructive criticisms we received as education, we think everyone will benefit.

Books Can Be a Classroom

I read one or two books a week. Some of them turn into instant classrooms for me, only I can’t always get my questions answered. Luckily, more and more authors are finding their way into the world of social media, so quite often, I can find their Twitter handle or their website and get my raised hand some attention. (Want resources for helping authors use social media?) Books, then, can become a classroom.

Other Companies are a Classroom

I spent six days in Disney World in Orlando with my family on vacation, and though it was meant to be a vacation, it was a steady drip education in the world’s best customer service and the world’s most immersive marketing. Everything inside that park and its related systems is deliberate. Everything they do has more than one purpose. And if you want to learn from someone very successful in working to satisfy its guests’ dreams, you could do no better than Disney. Learning from other companies strengthens your own business or organization quite significantly. Never pass up the opportunity to drop into a classroom like this.

School Desks are All Around You

It’s up to you to find your education. Even if you’re still in college, you know the difference between being there and learning. As we grow older, the opportunities change, but they are there in high volume, if you tune yourself to pay attention. And teachers? If you want to learn a super powerful human relationship magic trick, know this: when you ask people to share their wisdom and you quite seriously listen and absorb their lessons with respect and appreciation, you’ve given that person a gift beyond what you could ever imagine. People love to feel useful and wanted and wise. Give someone the opportunity to share what they know and you’ll see a smile the depth of which you cannot possibly imagine.

So, where are you learning these days? Who are your teachers? What’s the lesson?

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