New Logo

I’ve got a new logo. The incredible design team at STRESSLIMITDESIGN created it for me. They were also the people who created this logo:


I’ve rocked that for a few years now. It definitely expressed what I was getting at here at [], so I’m grateful for it.

New Logo

With my new logo, I wanted something very understated. I wanted something iconic, that could be useful in a variety of ways. My inspiration for what the guys at STRESSLIMIT did for me actually came from a bus sign in San Francisco (or some kind of route sign). I liked how it just was. It’s very functional-minded.

So, here’s the new logo (and you can see it on the header at [] as well): logo

I love the heck out of it. I wanted something very simple, and very understated, and Justin Evans at STRESSLIMITDESIGN executed it perfectly.

But that’s my take. You?

The Complaints

So far, when people are disagreeing, they’re saying that the old logo was more evocative of what I do. So, what do I do? I talk a lot? I chat a lot? I invite conversations?

That’s just it. What I do has evolved a bit. I’m the last guy in the world telling people to “join the conversation.” I think talk is great. I’m looking for more. But my logo’s not about conversation any longer.

Instead, I think of it as a route, a destination, a signpost, guidance. I think of it as a way to “tab” an experience, and then move on.

But that’s just me. It’s TOTALLY okay not to like the new logo. It’s mine. : )

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