The Important Power of NEXT

Next! I’m going through survey results as they relate to my recent webinar (now available on demand). Of the hundreds, who attended and purchased, I received surveys back from about 115. Of those, 111 people were positive to very positive, with some being effusive in their praise and kindness. Four people said fairly negative and disappointed things. They hated it. They thought it wasn’t worth it. They thought I was a bad man, whatever.

Now, pop quiz: guess which feedback I’ve been thinking about for days? (Aw, you already know, because YOU do the same thing!)

The Important Power of “NEXT!”

In sales, not everyone wants what you’re selling. In the universe, not everyone wants who you are. Not everyone resonates with what you’re about. The same survey form coughed up words like “Brilliant” and “life changing” and “far more value than I can imagine,” but my brain really wants to hang on to the “not worth my time” and “a glorified ad” and “basic” comments. Both are right. Everyone’s right. Every opinion is exactly that. Their opinion.

But that means that 111 people liked what I had to say and were open to even more help from me. Of those, about 90 people said they were considering purchasing The Owner’s Path because they felt it would help them take their professional development and business to the next level. Several others had reasons why not (money, time, rather buy a different course, etc).

So who should get my time? Who should get YOUR time? The four people who said I’m not worth it? Or the 90 people who want to consider whether I can help them do more with their business?

Work With Your Warm Market

It’s okay to say “NEXT!” to the folks who don’t like you. It really is. Give your time to the people you can help. Devote your time to the people who get where you’re coming from. Build as much value as you can for the people who are happy to take the path you’re laying out for them. And don’t waste calories on the other lovely people.

Are they right? Sure. Absolutely. Does it matter? Not to you. Your business is helping those people who want what you’re doing and know it’s a value-add to their lives.

Believe it or not, there are a lot of people who want and NEED to be right, who need to argue until YOU finally say they’re right. So say it. “You’re right. Wow. I totally see your point.” And then flush those thoughts because they’re about as useful to you as poop.

There’s someone for everyone. I’m not for everyone. Definitely. Thank the sweet baby Buddha. Am I for you? Let me help you and then you decide.

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