What I learned about Network Marketing

Network Marketing Webinar I had a great chat with Jenny Lynn-Travis and Jacqueline Carly about network marketing and what it all means. Evidently 97% of people surveyed are not supportive of network marketing as a business model, and yet, many people buy from network marketers without realizing it or caring either way. As I’m an affiliate marketer and also someone who has published sponsored posts (both controversial to bloggers back in the way old days before everyone started doing it), I wanted to learn about this. So, like everything I do, I dove in.

What I Learned About Network Marketing

There’s a video capture of the entire webinar right here. ( Can’t see the video? Click Here).

If you’re not interested in reading, what I learned was that not all of these companies are the same. The company Jenny and Jacq (and now I) represent is publicly traded, which means they have a much higher level of reporting standards to adhere to, and also sports an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. They give plenty away to charity, both as a corporation and as it turns out, from the various levels of people who work within the company, and their mission is to fight obesity (and especially end childhood obesity), which means there’s a cause behind the product as well.

With all that as a backdrop, it’s still interesting how many people bristle at the concepts and business model. This webinar went into that and I asked as many questions as I could think of to get to it. There are plenty of laughs along the way, and also some good points to consider.

It boils down to this, in my eyes:

  • If you don’t love the product, don’t work for the company and don’t promote it. That’s first and foremost.
  • Do your homework and learn about the company both from within but also from public records.
  • Meet people who have benefitted from the products and meet people who have benefitted from selling the products. (Both matter in network marketing.)
  • Like with ALL sales and marketing, don’t do icky things. Don’t do tricky things. Be clear what you’re asking. Don’t surprise people.
  • If something works well, share it. If something doesn’t work well, share that. Be open about what you’re doing.

At the very bottom of it ALL, I learned that network marketing wasn’t all that different than the other marketing I do EXCEPT that it’s built such that there are more people selling and promoting and marketing than most other business models. Meaning, I’ve worked with many companies where the marketing and sales department are three people out of a thousand in the company. In network marketing, it’s probably 90% marketers and sales. That one detail is really eye-opening, if you think about it.

I can tell you this about that: to ignore ANY particular style of marketing and sales and not seek out lessons is a silly idea. I learned so much from direct paper mail marketing that I translated into money online. I’m learning more and more each day, and what I learn, I share.

Watch the webinar. It was fun!

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