Not Everyone Gets a Trophy – video book review

Bruce Tulgan almost lost me with the subtitle of his book, Not Everyone Gets A Trophy: How to Manage Generation Y. I thought, “I don’t like these ‘manage generation’ type books.” But then I read in his bio that Bruce is a 4th degree black belt, so I’ve decided that this book is awesome! Okay, I’m joking. Well, I’m not. Bruce is a 4th degree black belt, but the book is awesome even without that.

Basically, if you read it as a “new way to manage” book, it’s a lot better. I also make the recommendation that I wish certain sections “linked out” to other resources, as Bruce kind of skips over some parts after telling us what to do. But hey, it’s a really short book, and he did just fine with what he’s delivered. Check out the video review:

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