Not Just The Web

RC Airplane When we think of how the web has changed this, we think about our ability to have a voice and express ourselves. When asked to define “Web 2.0,” I usually just shortcut and say it’s the two-way web. It’s our ability to shoot back that makes it interesting.

It is also, very much, about the removal of distribution roadblocks, of jumping the hurdles of authority.

I’m happy with this post by Chris Anderson (Long Tail, Wired,). In it, Anderson reports about a geeky side project that has now become a small business. But that’s not the story. He gives us the story closer to the end.

He built what amounts to an unassisted aerial vehicle for about $500, and has set up shop so that other remove controlled airplane enthusiasts could do the same. This used to be a military-owned technology, but with some tinkering, with a community, Chris has opened it up.

There’s something powerful in this story, if you extrapolate it beyond what Chris has done. Do you see it? Can you see possibility in all kinds of other areas?

Photo credit Erik Charlton

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