Sponsored Post – Two Weeks of Office365 and Windows

I decided to challenge myself and really put Office365 to the test. Dell XPS10

The following is sponsored by Cloud Powered Work, which is a project with IDG, LinkedIn, and Microsoft’s Office365. Everything in this post is mine, and my opinions are my own.

I’ve been dabbling with and enjoying the experience of working with my Dell XPS10 tablet for a month or two now, and I really dig the new Office365 experience. The thing is, my entire business runs on a totally different operating system and using a completely different suite of cloud tools. So I’ve really only been dabbling all this time. I decided it’s time to really put this platform to the test.

Two Weeks in the Office365 World

For the next 14 days (starting today), I’m committing to using Office365 from Microsoft, SkyDrive, Bing, and my Dell XPS10. I’ll use only this platform except for the production of my radio show, because that’d be too big of a pain to swith.

Here are my predictions:

1.) I am already used to cloud computing so cloud powered work using Office365 will feel the same to me.
2.) I will enjoy the fact that my files are both native and synced instead of just online-only, because sometimes in my current workflow which uses Google products mostly, I have to sometimes drag text out of a Google doc and throw it into Pages while I’m offline for a period of time.
3.) I will enjoy Bing more than I think (I’m saying this because when I tried the test at Bing it On, I ended up picking Bing 2 out of 3 times).
4.) It’ll be a fun experiment.

Are You Rocking Office365?

Are you using SkyDrive and 365 and all the cloud stuff from MSFT yet? If so, let me know what your experience has been. What should I look for? What will be a surprise to me?

And if you’re a hater, have you even tried it yet? There’s a reason I’m working with these guys to promote Office365 and cloud powered work and it sure isn’t the business relationship. I believe that Apple and Google have a serious contender in Microsoft with their mobile and tablet experiences, and in the post-desktop world, there might be a huge shift coming.

If you ride the wave almost at the shore, the ride is short and spent. Find the fresh new wave and ride that.

Okay, let’s do this. Will report along the way!

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