Owners Start With Recipes

Colors Even as owners, we want the recipe before we want to learn the theory and the practice. It’s natural. It’s to be expected. In fact, it’s what’s right to do.

I learned a lot of different musical instruments growing up. Most times, a teacher would show me the notes, teach me a scale, and set me to practicing my scales. Only one instructor, my guitar teacher, asked me “Which song would you like to learn?”

Guess which instrument I reach for when the mood strikes?

I’ve made a mistake over and over again. I continue to believe that we don’t want recipes, that we don’t want leaders. But neither are true.

Leaders and Recipes

I grew up believing that everyone wants to do their own thing. I thought that no one really wanted to follow a leader, and that we’d much rather head off in our own direction and just build the universe from scratch. It turns out, I’m very wrong.

We love leaders. We love when someone is confident and steps up with a helpful plan. And we love more than anything when a great leader shows us how to do something for ourselves.

That last part is the tricky part.

You see, a leader isn’t an “orderer.” There are plenty of people who can order one around. A leader shows lets us in on the magic trick. A leader shows us how to do it, too. A leader gives us a great shot at not only learning the recipe, but equips us to shine and make our own improvements.

But That Means There’s a Recipe

In the past, I learned 1/2 of the formula. I learned how not to order people around. What I’ve come to learn is that I still have to start with the recipe. Over and over, I tend to stand in front of people and say, “here’s the pantry! There’s lots of great stuff in here. MAKE something!” And I walk off with my hands raised, nodding to myself as if, “Yeah! I really taught them something. They’re probably in there just cooking and thanking the hell out of me.”

Um, no.

If I don’t show you what I know, and if I don’t show you how to cook a “something,” you might not feel confident enough to first replicate that something, and then vary and create your own magical dish.

In my courses, we’re working on the recipes, so you can learn them, own them, and lead.

Please forgive me for misunderstanding this transaction in the past. I’m learning. As all owners do.

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