One Big Traffic Secret

Vintage ads collage sheet 1881 free to use

I’ll tell you one thing I know: the more you post, the more traffic you get.

It’s helpful if the stuff you post is worth something. I try hard to make that always the case. Others don’t try as hard, and yet, their traffic climbs when they post more stuff.

You can reply in the comments and tell me that you’d rather put out great stuff once a month, or once a week, or whenever the great stuff mood strikes you. That means you didn’t really read the first sentence of this post.

I’m not saying what you should do. I’m not saying what’s better or worse. I’m not telling you how often to write on your blog.

I’m telling you that there’s a reason why the top blogs on the Internet all post more than five times a day. All of them. It’s surely not because there’s always more than five amazing things to tell you every day.

But it’s 100% related to traffic and what we’ve observed by posting more.

Even now, while I’m writing these posts about six days ahead of when they go live, I’ve got two a day ready to go. Maybe when I get better at it, I’ll give you three or four amazing things to think about. Not likely. In a new project, I’ll have more than one writer, which will help.

My story still stands: the more you post (provided it’s reasonably useful), the more traffic you get.

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