One More Thing the Kmart Project Did

Santa Claus You might recall that I mentioned I get the seasonal blues this time of year, so finding things to feel good about is really an effort for me. You might also recall that in my sponsored post for Kmart, I mentioned that a big chunk of what I bought was for Toys for Tots. It turns out we were able to do something a bit more direct.

A friend of the family volunteered to take the toys to a donation point for us, and so we gave the big trash bag of mostly boys’ toys to her. She went on her way, doing her daily errands, including stopping for coffee with a friend who’d been going through some troubles. This woman had received a divorce the year before, and her ex-husband had stopped paying her anything after losing his job. The woman was distraught because she really wasn’t making ends meet, but worse, she reported to our friend, she couldn’t buy any toys for her boys for Christmas this year.

After a quick phone call with us to check, I’m happy to report that the toys are now wrapped and under the tree of a family who would’ve had to go without.

The Quandry

I really wanted to give those toys to Toys for Tots, because they’d go to more places. So, because I had so much fun taking my kids shopping for toys once already, I figure maybe I’ll go again. Only this time, I’ve got a plan. (***Update: I’m spending the first $500 at Kmart again. I’m spending the next $500 at a small, local independent toy store.***)

Will you donate $10 or so to the cause?

***Update: We made $500 in about 20 minutes. I’ve added my $500 in matching. Now, want to keep giving? It’ll all go towards toys for tots. Thanks so very much! ***

Plenty of Causes

Don’t feel bad if you can’t donate. This coming year, there will be plenty of causes looking for help that are much more important than toys at the holiday. I’m definitely going to share the best of them with you as they come along, because I’m passionate about how social media empowers non-profits. I’ve enjoyed learning from and working with great people like Beth Kanter over the last few years, and I know that 2009, being as difficult as it will be, will be a great time for me to pester you here and there for $10 for some worthy cause. If you have to skip one, toys might be it. But me? I’m going shopping again.


Photo Credit, Zana Stardust

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