ooVoo to sponsor 20 Students for PodCamp Boston

Greg Verdino The swell folks at ooVoo came up with a neat way to show love and support for students who want to go to PodCamp Boston 3, but who maybe don’t have the $50 to reserve a seat at the table. I think it’s a really cool community move on the side of ooVoo, and I think it’ll be great to infuse PodCamp Boston 3 with even more students.

There are a few stipulations and things to know about.

  • You are a college student with an active .edu email address. You’re on the honor system, so we ask that professors and alumni sit this one out.
  • You are an ooVoo user who can provide us with a valid ooVoo ID — it doesn’t matter if you subscribe to the fully loaded Super + Phone package or the free Standard package; in fact, it doesn’t matter if you just signed up today. But you will need to include your valid ooVoo User ID in the body of your email and send an ooVoo friend request to philiprobertson for verification. We promise not to bother you; we just need to make sure you are a subscriber.
  • You have a first name, last name and a date of birth. We know you do, but we’ll need to know them to complete the PodCamp registration form — so if you are selected for a scholarship, we’ll need to ask that you share this information with us.
  • You let us know you’re interested by emailing us at ooVoo@crayonville.com.

If you want to come to PodCamp Boston3 and you’ve got some EDU to show the ooV’s, read the details here.

See you at PodCamp.

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