Ownership Starts From Within

I wanted to share a thought with you about ownership. 2013-06-06 10.04.45

Ownership starts from within. You start by realizing one day that you can own your choices. It grows. You accept that you can choose your goals. Then, you realize you can create a kingdom or a world or whatever you want to call it (your domain). And from there, your ownership becomes an obsession.

Ownership Starts from Within

People always seem to ask about a specific moment where everything changed. I don’t believe in them. I believe there are dozens of moments, hundreds. We think there’s only one shot, like that Eminem song. But there’s not. There are hundreds of shots. Roads. You see a roadblock, but there’s another way. That’s what happens. Or you surrender. That’s a choice.

You Own Your Choices

Let’s say you want to build your business. For 100 days, you make no effort to pick up customers or clients (or however you grow). What happens? Nothing. Then, you decide it’s time to do the work. You make the calls. You get some “no,” maybe a big bag of it. You can find another way, make some better adjustments, and you learn how to accept (but not be okay with) setbacks, mistakes, outcomes you didn’t want. And you find a way to own even more. Or you surrender.

You Choose Your Goals

Maybe you start by thinking you want to rise up in the company where you work. Or you see a different goal. Maybe you decide that you’re not big boned, but fat, real old fashioned FAT and you set the goal to not be fat. Whatever it is, you own your goals, you choose your goals. It’s a very big day indeed. Especially if you’re smart enough to choose more than one goal, to choose goals for the rest of your life. Or you surrender. Lots of people do.

You Create a Kingdom

This starts wherever it starts (for me, it was my cubicle). You decide you own something. You then decide you’re going to build on it. Gene Simmons from Kiss started with a comic book collection in his room. Trump started with rental units in Brooklyn. Kings and owners start by creating a kingdom and building it. Or you surrender and stay happy with what you have.

Ownership Becomes the Obsession

We have to really careful here. The owners I want us to most admire are benevolent. They share. They love. They want others to be part of the kingdom. They build up the owners around them. And yet, at the heart of it all, ownership and building and developing and growing and learning is the obsession.

The best owners I know are the ones who are obsessed with growing others. James Altucher is one of those amazing owners, raising up others. Jeff Pulver is an obsessed owner. Tim Sanders is an obsessed owner. Peter Corsell and Richard Oh are owners. Seth Godin is an owner. I am blessed to know and associate with and learn from many obsessed owners, eager to help raise up others while building their kingdoms.

And it’s my obsession as well.

And you? Who are you in this story? You’re an Owner, naturally. Or you’re not. You tell me. Will you?

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