Own Your Life

Own Your Life The concept of Monchu is that these people are “one family,” the people you choose to have around you versus simply your blood family. Your allies are your monchu. The clients who are more than just clients or customers are your monchu. That’s a powerful shift from the mindset of competitors, customers, and the like. Not all customers are in the monchu, but once you understand who is or who isn’t, everything gets better.

Jake Thompson is in the monchu. He runs Compete Every Day, a lifestyle brand that sells apparel that appeals not just to fitness people, but to owners, people who choose to own their lives, and who choose to push against themselves to learn and grow.

I’m thrilled that Jake was willing to create this OFFICIAL Own Your Life shirt on behalf of me and Owner magazine. It’s a great design, bold and without compromise, and it tells people that you are an owner. I’ve already preordered one for Jacq (they have women’s athletic fit as well) and myself.

Are you ready to own your life?

By the way, people who show me a photo of them in this shirt via Instagram or Twitter will get a free copy of the audiobook of The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth. You know, if you even needed any more incentive. :)

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