What Do You See?

Feedback is a very important part of how I do what I do. I count on the feedback of friends, colleagues, clients, critics, and a whole slew of other people to understand how what I do is being perceived. My post earlier today about my evolving brand was very helpful to me. It helped clarify what I’d already started to suspect: I need to build a better core reason for participating here. Oddly, this kind of has roots in my earlier post about magazine thinking.

It’s all in packaging. (For understanding, see also Seth Godin’s great post on the same.)

Packaging HBW and Chris Brogan

The bridge between everything I do is this: I aspire to help people grow and improve their businesses. I show people how to be more human in a business context, and how to get the value from that experience.

When I talk to really big companies like Microsoft or American Family Insurance, I talk about being human. When I talk to small business people like therapists and pilates instructors, I talk about being human. I show ways to use today’s web to build influence, improve reputation, and earn trust. It’s the same thing, with different executions. I get as much pleasure out of both experiences, by the way. I love seeing a solo owner find value in the tools and ideas I share, and I love it when a big company gets something out of my ideas, especially if it means better customer service for others.

Human Business

Human business is sustainable, relationship-minded business. I think that small companies have a much better chance at working from that mindset, in connecting with people at a human scale and forging their missions around that. If you’re coming here, it’s because you’re curious on how to use social business tools to improve your own goals and growth. That’s what I’m doing.

If [] Were a Magazine

If this site were a magazine, I’d say that it needs a bit more of an editorial filter. But it’s not. It’s a personal site that’s grown into a lot of things to a lot of people. It’s a place where sometimes you feel I’m talking to you, and other times, you wonder if I’ve moved on. That must be tricky. I’ll certainly work on it.

In the interim, understand this: what you’re getting here are all my experiments in near-real-time. You get to see and interpret what works and what doesn’t because I share as much of it as I can. I want you to see my good days and my bad days, because that story in business is rarely told. Tomorrow, I’ll talk about family, and you’ll see even another angle of who I am that’s rarely shared.

More on Magazines

Why did I create Dadomatic? Because it’s a great small business idea: a media property that gives a dad’s perspective on parenting. 67% of our readers are women, by the way.

Why did I create Escape Velocity? Because it’s a great showcase of people who love personal development and business growth. They support human business.

My business, such as it were, manifests in a few ways: speeches, consulting, media creation, and community education. But I’m teaching the same stuff in different ways. You can see that they all connect around that theme of helping people improve their businesses and their growth.

Packaging Matters

In 2011, you’ll see even more improvement on what you get when you visit my site and the various projects I’m working on. I won’t let you down. And I’m grateful for your help in seeing myself better, and in understanding your confusion.


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