My Ideal Buyer Partner

Chris Brogan

The people who work best with me are trying to grow their business. They may or may not be employees of some other company, but they want to grow their business, their part of the story. They are looking for next-level advantages.

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An Ebook on Authority

Authority Ebook with Chris Brogan I was asked by Lee Odden to contribute to an ebook that relates to the upcoming Authority Rainmaker conference. I would’ve said yes anyway, but they added to the story that Henry Rollins was going to be in this same ebook. Having read most of Henry’s books, to actually be on some other page in the same book as him was reason enough.

The fact that the information’s really useful? Well, that’s another thing.

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Make Media that Serves

Chris Brogan UMSL Slides I was the keynote speaker at Perry Drake’s UMSL digital marketing event last week. The room was a mix of agency people, business owners, and students. With that in mind, I asked them if they wanted to see what I speak about with businesses who are asking about how to use media and community to earn more customers. They said that would be okay (I mean, I was the keynote. If that wasn’t okay, would they have asked, “What else have you got?”) I thought I’d share WHY I picked what I did as my keynote speech.

Make Media That Serves

The premise of the speech was “Winning in the Choose Your Own Adventure Economy.” If I boiled the whole speech down to one slide, it would be this one:

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37 Blog Posts to Stop Writing – And What She Did Next Changed Everything

Harold Easter Egg Hunting First off, I should be honest right up front: I lied. I’m definitely NOT going to give you 37 blog posts to stop writing. Instead, stop writing list posts just because you read somewhere that they’re good.

We are TRASHING the opportunity to create great content marketing

Attention gimmicks are just that. They earn us attention. Briefly. And then what? If you’ve got no “next,” then you’ve just wasted it. Your “71 productivity tips” post is like Stewie (and all children):

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Has Blogging Changed Much Over the Last 17 Years?

Chris Brogan 17 years. That’s how long I’ve been blogging (as of the moment I’m writing this post). I started in 1998, before there was blogging software, back when it was called “journaling.” A lot has changed in my life since then (two major relationships, 4 companies, the birth of my children), and obviously even more has changed with the world.

Has Blogging Changed Much Over the Last 17 Years?

The short answer is yes. The tools have changed immensely. My first “blogging” was really using a WYSIWYG software called Trellix (I’m stunned that they still have a basic web page up). I then dabbled with lots of tools, some of which included Blogger when that came out, a few short forays onto less successful platforms that later died (and ate my posts) until finally landing on WordPress in one form or another. I regret that the Wayback machine really only captures a few iterations of my site starting in 2001, because of course, I changed URLs at the drop of a hat and can’t really even remember some of the others (remember Angelfire? Livejournal?).

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Money is PART of Value

Chris Brogan - photo credit Vendela Media I was talking with my friend, Jake Thompson about a project we’re doing to send athletic clothes to some special needs athletes in Wichita East school ( the story is here and here). My friend, Angel is also helping out. Jake and I were discussing that service was a very important part of ownership. I said to Jake, “Money is a subset of value.”

Money is a SUBSET of Value

My friend Anthony talks about value creation all the time. He works with sales organizations to help them forge what he calls “Level 4 Value Creation.” I’m not smart enough to explain that but I know that the way *I* know how to do business is that I create value, often more than I charge for, and that the whole concept is that value is this nice broad spectrum, of which money is only part.

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Content Will Never Be King

Third Tribe Yesterday, I had the pleasure to sit down with my friends Darren Rowse and Brian Clark. The last time the three of us sat quietly was in 2008 or 2009 when we launched the Third Tribe group (ah, memories). I joked that I wanted to bring that back and we could call it Sixth Tribe. You know, Third Tribe 2.0. Alas.

Content Will Never Be King

The conversation was brief, fun, and sprinkled with some melancholy about the fact that the more things change, the more they stay the same. Darren is thriving with his Problogger events and his Digital Photography School. Brian is running Copyblogger Media, which is now a software company instead of a blog about how to write better (Hey Brian – my offer stands). We talked about how the “industry” has changed, and how lots of folks have found it hard to figure out their path. In all, there are no great insights for me to share with you. We were three people who share a professional admiration and whatever kind of friendship we can scrape together when one barely sees or talks to the other but where we like each other’s company.

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Content Marketing as a Food Truck: Rethinking Content Marketing In A World of Splintered Attention

Sewage Clipart Food Trucks image With well over a billion users, Facebook must easily rank as most people’s “where I see interesting stories and click” tool of choice. Sure, us nerds might point to Feedly or Flipboard, but that’s not “most people.” That’s the enlightened. Some of us get our favorite sites to our inbox. But that’s more rare than not.

What seems most true, however, is that hardly anyone stops by someone’s actual blog any more (or say “site” in case you bristle at the word “blog.”) If people aren’t visiting blogs directly any more, what do we do? How do we earn that attention? And what matters most in the equation.

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Are You Going to Social Media Marketing World? SMMW15

Chris Brogan I’m going to Social Media Marketing World in San Diego next Tuesday through Thursday. I’m doing two OFFICIAL things that I’ll stop explaining because I keep getting it wrong. Beyond that, most of my time is my own (I’ve got two other formal obligations and a few friend obligations). I thought I’d write out what my hopes are for the event, in case you and I have some shared interests we should cover.

First and Foremost

I’m definitely there to meet and connect. If you SEE me somewhere and find some dumb reason NOT to connect with me, stop it. Go the hell up and say the hell hello. Okay? Permission! Do it! Add yourself to whatever circle we’re hanging in and come say hi. You are NOT allowed to be shy in that moment. You can be shy later. It’s okay. Okay? Okay!

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How a $200 Chromebook Earned my Company $28,000 in Ten Days

2015-03-21 10.44.17 This is the Acer Chromebook 11 CB3-111-C670. It’s about the size of a Macbook Air, kinda. It runs the Google Chrome OS, which means it’s pretty much like a browser-only deal. All the apps you use are web-based. And this device helped me make $28,000 in ten days.

Could a Chromebook Make You More Money?

I suspect you already know the real answer to how this worked. This Chromebook isn’t the most powerful computer in the universe. If you have a lot of tabs open, it doesn’t work well. So, I don’t have many tabs open. (hint one)

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