Happy Canada Day + 4.2 Miles

Happy Canada Day to our northern relatives and friends!

I ran at Salisbury Beach State Reservation, barefoot on a gentle sloping beach as the tides slowly crept back in. There were a dozen breeds of seagull all interested in big sea snails, oysters, and the occasional sand dollar. Little fast-running birds like plovers and others I don’t recognize ran through the tall grasses skirting the dunes. The sun was fat and lazy over the ocean.

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My Program

Jon asked me in a comment if I was getting up at 4 or 6, and or commented about my program. I thought I’d write out the rough picture of what I’m doing.

  • Wake at 4AM.
  • Take my vitamins and my allergy meds.
  • Drink 32 oz water.
  • Eat a banana (sometimes some dry oatmeal, too).
  • Drive to my running destination: Maudslay, Bradley Palmer, Willowdale (all forests), the ocean, or the gym.

    (My program is a slightly modified Hal Higdon)

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  • Fast!

    2 Miles on the treadmill at Gold’s, and I had a first. I was faster than the treadmill. I got it up to 8 MPH, but I felt like I had *tons* more to give. It was a NordicTrak one, and I honestly only picked it because it had a video screen for watching tunes. But man! Faster than a treadmill? Not usually, man. Whoa.

    And then a nice 12 laps (is a lap down and back?) in the pool. Very decent cardio and cross training.

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    Morning, Y’all.

    “Everyone is an athlete. The only difference is that some of us are in training, and some of us are not.” – Dr. George Sheehan

    I’m off to do some poolwork, and either 2 miles now, or 2 miles at lunch, or both. Still feeling great with my double-to-triple training days. I’m not overdoing anything, near as I can tell. I’m listening very closely to my body.

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    Chiropractor and Massage Therapy

    The back cracker seems to be doing well for me. I’ve set him onto my ITB and … uh… whatever that muscle that starts with a P is along the same area. That’s feeling better after just this one visit. He and the massage therapist ganged up on me and did some nifty things. She’s still scraping the hell out of me with that big curved butter knife, trying to loosen up all the fibrotic areas around my adductors. I keep enduring the pain she causes because it goes away fast, and because I imagine this is helping keep my legs in better condition.

    Between these guys and my regular massage therapist, I’m in fairly good shape, structure and musculature wise. Broke? Oh yeah. Going to have to curtail these visits in not too long a while. But at least the first two folks are covered by a co-pay.

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    4 Miles Indoors

    No swell trail reports today. I ran at another Gold’s Gym, this time in Methuen. The place is beautiful. It’s giant, filled with every state-of-the-art amenity, and a decent little track that rings several areas inside the gym from the second floor. I got to run past the pool, the basketball court, the women’s workout area, some elliptical machines, and a step class. I shared the track with another runner and a half dozen walkers at different points. One of the walkers reminded me of Marshall, because he was so fast. I barely lapped him more than twice while he was out on the track.

    But I did another four miles, and I feel strong, and I feel great about my efforts. I’ll get out to the trails again tomorrow, but when I woke up to a downpour, I just couldn’t give it that extra notch of effort to get out there in the soup for a midweek training run.

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    Playing Pool

    Man, swimming can kick your sphincter, if you really give it your all. I went to the gym this morning for some cross training and strength work, and I did a bunch of speed drills in the pool. I worked out for just under 40 minutes, but I feel more beat up than any 5 mile run.

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    5 Miles

    I ran at Maudslay State Park, getting back in touch with all those big pines and the Merrimack River. I ran through the fields, past some outdoor art exhibit, and through nearly every large trail the park had to offer. After all, I had to find a way to squeeze 5 miles out of it and still keep it fun.

    Boy, I didn’t want to run this morning, or at least that’s what I said while getting dressed. I had all kinds of negatives piling up on me all the way up to getting out there on the path. But after about six minutes, maybe eight, I felt resigned to do what I’d set out to do.

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    Race Report

    I ran the Appleton 5K in Ipswich, Mass today. It was foggy out, but that only made the farm’s many fields seem greener. There were horses running in their pastures, teasing us with their major stamina. Different than the races I’ve run so far, this one had a Family Fun Day mixed in, so there was a bouncy castle, a clown, face paints, hot dogs, and …

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