Dear Chris Brogan —

If you go to bed at 10:45PM, don’t be so surprised when you sleep through the alarms at 4AM.

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4 Miles of Fury!

Man, I ran my skull off this morning. I was a little late to go trail running, so I sped over to the gym and jumped on the hamster machines. But POW! I ran like furious this morning and banged out those four miles. If I were feeling uber-ambitious, I might’ve bumped it up to 6 miles, but hey whateva… I’ve got more time in the day today, so I can get a few more miles at lunch if I want them.

How are you?

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Accidental 5 Miles

I ran up to Woodsom Farm today to attack the hills some more. Hmm, attack. I went there to flow up and down the hills, to move my body across a beautiful landscape, to really show what part of nature I come from. I did the first hill with great zeal. I ran around the perimiter of the farm. Checking my watch, I realized I was nearing the end of my 3 miles slated for the day, but the two hill circuit, which is actually like 4 when I do it, was really calling to me. So I ran it.

I figured out a power word that made me feel happy the entire latter part of the run:

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Hello 4AM

I’ve been up since 4, first time since before my vacation, so I’m happy to get back towards this groove. I took it slow in my preparation, but now that it’s quarter to 5, I’m going out for a run at Woodsom Farm, that swell heap of hills and fields up the street.

My push right now is on mental toughness. I’m building up my ability to stay in the game no matter what. It’s hard for me. I’m a really easy quitter. I was a really easy quitter. That’s more the language I should use. I used to be good at making excuses. But now, I have a strong personal barometer that tells me when my bullshit is getting ahead of my delivery. And I’m teetering on the edge of BS again, it seems.

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6 Miles and Dreary

It’s entirely my own fault. I was planning to run at 4AM today, outside, on a trail somewhere. But I woke up too late. So, I didn’t go out to run until noon. Obviously, that’s too hot (it’s around 83 right now and 90% humidity), so I went to the gym. I was supposed to run 7 miles on the treadmill.

6 was all I could muster.

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My Marathon and a Few Books

The local trail running organization posted the link to the marathon I intend to run in November. Well, either the marathon or the whole 50 miles. That’s going to be determined sometime in late September, according to my training schedule. We’ll see. I’m excited. It seems a lot more real now.

I finished reading Over the Edge, by Michael Bane. It was a really great, really funny read. Of course, it filled my head with a few ideas, but nothing to worry about just yet. I’m not *that* incensed to do crazy things. You need to read this, though, just for inspiration and good feelings.

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Alive and Well

Hello gang. Glad to hear from you all, and thanks for your kindness and concerns. I was vacationing up in northernmost Maine, and as such, didn’t exactly want to post that on my website. People breaking in or what have you, eh?

But the trip was lovely (lots of rain), and I got some really neat trail running in while up there. I missed out on using an olympic-grade training facility a mile or two from the campsite, but staying up late negates my ability to get up at 4AM and think about running, so that’s what happened to that. Just the same, after a week away, I only missed one run, and it was a 3 miler of no real note on Thursday. I did my miles the rest of the week, and even trained today at the gym.

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2 Hamster Miles

Quick hit at Gold’s Gym this morning. Did strength training, more abs and core, and then 2 fast miles on the treadmill. I did 7 and 8 MPH stuff, and really just burned it through. Finally, I jumped in the pool for 20 minutes of swimming to give my muscles a good stretch, and to really relieve some of the general tension. Swimming’s kind of like biking is to lots of you. It’s my “free” experience, where I can just go and do my thing for a while and not feel competitive or as if I’m in training.

So, good quick hit on all fronts.

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The Importance of Recovery

Last night was a rest day from my home workout program. Kat went off to the movies, and I stayed home with my daughter. I put her to bed just before seven, and then fell asleep on the couch. I stayed asleep until Kat came home (not counting a quick phone call around half past eight), and then when she got home, I talked with her a little while, but was in bed before ten.

I think my body really appreciated the rest and recovery time. Though I’d run twice that day, just giving myself the evening off seemed like a break. Friday is my only completely clear day off, and that seems very appreciated by my body as well. In his book, THE NEW TOUGHNESS TRAINING FOR SPORTS, James Loehr spends a great deal of time discussing how the way to build toughness of any kind (Mental, physical, emotional) is through fluctuating between stress and recovery. I believe in that theory.

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2 More Miles at Lunch

Jumped on the old treadmill for two more miles after some ab work. I ran at a 10 minute pace for most of it, but for the last 200 meters, I broke into a 6.5 minute pace to simulate sprinting to the finish line. No problem. I still FEEL that hip flexor pain and my glutes are still a wee sore, but I don’t feel injured. That’s a nice thing.

Man, nice to have Blogger back up and running steady.

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