Two Gyms, and a Home Workout

Started at the gym in the next town at 5-something AM. Went to the gym by my office at noon. I’ll be doing strength training tonight at home with Kat on the Core.

And none of it too hard, too stressful, or packing on too much training in a row. I don’t even strength train again until Thursday, so that’s plenty of rest. I’m listening closely to my body, too. If something says, “You can stop here,” I listen.

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Funny Moment

At a Solstice party Saturday afternoon, someone asked me about running.

B: You’ve inspired me. I should get out running again. You know, you live really close by. We could run together.
Me: Sure. You don’t mind getting up at 4:30?
B: Good God! No way!
Me: *shrug*

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45 Days of Hard Core

Kat and I made a commitment to doing a flawless next 45 days on our fitness and nutrition programs. We’re shooting for 45 straight days of hitting our Core Performance program and 45 straight days of eating within our nutritional targets.

For me, here’s the overlay.

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5 Miler

I started on Whitehall Road, a rolling stretch alongside Lake Gardner with two great hills and some great views of the town. Down the other side of the hill, I crossed state lines, which felt surreal. I’ve just run into another state. Out on these roads, I saw farmlands and the developments that slowly claim them like blight.

There were Canadian Geese along the Powow River, dozens of them, eying me warily but not yet committed to jumping back into the misty cold water slowly creeping past the banks. A little further up the road, I entered old South Hampton Center, white schoolhouse and church gleaming in the early morning sunlight. Could I really be this far from home? And this is only half my run?

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All Signs

Massage Therapist at Chiropractor’s: Wow, what are you doing that’s beating up your legs so much?
Me: I’m running a lot.
MTAC: Have you considered softer surfaces? Like, trail running?
Me: Funny you should ask.


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5K Trail Run

Maudslay State Park in Newburyport is a rolling run through meadows, into pine forests, and across old stone bridges that take you past 19th century gardens. It’s situated along a bend in the Merrimack River, and features well groomed trails for running. (map) It’s also beautiful at 5:05AM.

The other night, a few things happened at the same time. I ran that 5K around Wakefield, where I realized that I didn’t much care about my times, even while reporting them. I also read an article in the latest issue of Running Times featuring Dave Mackey, where he said that trail running was better for his big body at 175 pounds. As I weigh 234, this seemed like something to consider.

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5K Fun Run: 33:32

I ran a 5K tonight and did much better than my last one at the end of may. I ran 33:32. The last 5K was a trail run, though, so it’s not like they equate.

In the “not as good” categories, I accidentally did a 9:20 first mile. I ran at 90% heart rate or more for most of the race (heat, pace). I finished dead last out of 30.

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3 Miles

Much better run this morning, which is funny because my mental critic was very vocal about not wanting to go out. There were piles of excuses, but I just nodded to each of them the way you do well-meaning relatives who load you up with diet advice upon learning that you’re losing weight.

I ran alongside Lake Gardner, a little drink of water that feeds the Powwow river. The temperature was just a hair below shirt-soaking. I ran past big homes overlooking the water, each with a manicured lawn and sprinklers fit-fit-fit-fit-fit.

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MP3s (for Bug and family)

Here’s the playlist of music I listen to occasionally while running:

Session- Linkin Park (from Matrix 2). My warmup.
Inner Vision- System of a Down. Get running.
I Come From the Water- The Toadies. Move.
Rollin’ – Limp Bizkit. (Sensing a theme, energy-wise?)
It’s the End of the World As We Know It – The Suicide Machines (punk).
One Vision- Queen (Bug’s Dad will appreciate that song)
Crazy – Seal.
Payback- Fatboy Slim.
Without Me.- Eminem.
Sugar- System of a Down.
Start the Commotion- Wiseguys.
Belleville Rendez-Vous.- Triplets of Belleville
Business- Eminem
Gimme the Prize- Queen. (From Highlander)
Nuguns- System of a Down.
When the World Ends.- Dave Matthews (Paul Oakenfold remix from Matrix 2). Cool down.

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