Race Report

I ran the Appleton 5K in Ipswich, Mass today. It was foggy out, but that only made the farm’s many fields seem greener. There were horses running in their pastures, teasing us with their major stamina. Different than the races I’ve run so far, this one had a Family Fun Day mixed in, so there was a bouncy castle, a clown, face paints, hot dogs, and …

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5K Tomorrow

Okay, I’m reading RUNNING THROUGH THE WALL, the one about all the ultramarathonners, and I’ve got to admit a slight sense of, “so what?” about my 5K tomorrow. I know. I know. It’s all about where you are, and not looking to where you’re going. But yeah. I’ve run 2 5Ks and a 3.5 Mile run already, and I think except for the 4th of July one, I’m all done.

10’s next. 1/2’s after. Then we’ll really get messy.

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3.5 More Miles & Strength

Quickie post. I did 3.5 more miles on the treadmill today because I slept in this morning (rare). It was hard, hot, sweaty. I didn’t want to do it, not from the start. I had to cajole myself through every four minutes of running.

Good side: lots of mental toughness training.

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Presents (Long)

Since July of last year, I’ve been working on self-improvement. In August, I took up a fitness and nutrition program, as well as an intensive effort to rebuild my self-esteem. I believe this is all paying off, and running is the most recent reward.

This afternoon, I had to walk into a bank and politely ask a woman I’d met only once before to provide me with quite a lot of money. (No, I wasn’t wearing a mask.) These types of transactions normally give me the willies. Though somewhat itchy, I performed with grace and confidence? Why? Oddly, because I ran 5 miles the other day, and because I run almost every day before most people have even woken up.

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2 Miles on the Gerbil

I did another 2 miles at the gym this morning, because I planned to swim in their pool afterwards. It was a good run, at 10 minute pace again. I felt pretty good, and my heart stayed at a top of 150 for the entire run with only dips lower, not higher.

I wasted too much time to get into the pool, but hey. Tomorrow, I’ll go back to the forest.

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Another 3.5

Sure, it’s lunchtime. Why not? I ran another 3.5 miles at lunch on the treadmill. I did mostly 10 minute miles, though I tried a 45 second bit at 7. Um, bad plan. I got a helluva stitch from that, but I just dropped my pace way back down, ran through it, walked on schedule, and got all the way through 3.5.

Man, treadmills are grueling to me. I sweat like a hog. I feel like a gerbil. It just generally doesn’t do much for me, at least mentally. That said, I *did* like having the glowing console of information about my progress.

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Magic! 4 Miles

I arrived at the main parking lot at 5AM. After strapping on my ponderously over-packed Camelbak Lobo (I had survival gear enough to survive 2 nights unassisted-freak?), I set off down a sloping driveway towards the first trail I saw. Moments after stepping off the asphalt and onto the gravel, I heard something off to the right.

Evidently, I startled a whitetail deer, a fairly descent-sized buck, because all I saw was a blur of gold and then a smack of antlers against branches as he beat feet out of there. Was that a fartlek? I still do not know.

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Two Gyms, and a Home Workout

Started at the gym in the next town at 5-something AM. Went to the gym by my office at noon. I’ll be doing strength training tonight at home with Kat on the Core.

And none of it too hard, too stressful, or packing on too much training in a row. I don’t even strength train again until Thursday, so that’s plenty of rest. I’m listening closely to my body, too. If something says, “You can stop here,” I listen.

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