Own Your Life

Own Your Life The concept of Monchu is that these people are “one family,” the people you choose to have around you versus simply your blood family. Your allies are your monchu. The clients who are more than just clients or customers are your monchu. That’s a powerful shift from the mindset of competitors, customers, and the like. Not all customers are in the monchu, but once you understand who is or who isn’t, everything gets better.

Jake Thompson is in the monchu. He runs Compete Every Day, a lifestyle brand that sells apparel that appeals not just to fitness people, but to owners, people who choose to own their lives, and who choose to push against themselves to learn and grow.

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Duct Tape Selling

Duct Tape Selling There are books that come along that make me think two things at the same time: “I wish I wrote this book” and “Phew, now I don’t have to write this book.” John Jantsch has done this to me before (with The Referral Engine). This new book, Duct Tape Selling really is a must for your bookshelf (and I rarely say that – like only two or three times a year tops), *IF* you’re either a salesperson who doesn’t quite get marketing OR if you’re a marketer who doesn’t yet fully accept that you’re supposed to be a salesperson.

A Quick Video Trailer

I stole this from John’s site:

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Exploring Nature and the Value of a Good Website

2014-05-18 15.16.01 The kids and I went to the Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary over the weekend to check out their program about camouflage and how animals hide in plain sight. I wouldn’t have known to take the kids there, but I thought, “You know, as a dad, I’m supposed to do some research and plan actual things to do, instead of ‘hey, let’s go to the mall!’” And that’s what I learned the value of a good website.

What Makes a Website Good?

You’d think, if you listened to all us who are into content marketing, that sites with great stories are good. You’d imagine that we all want long pieces about the 7 Best Ways to Entertain Your Kids This Summer. But that wouldn’t have cut it for me. I needed to know, “Hey, it’s Sunday. I have two kids. We want a simple adventure. What should we do?”

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What I Intend to Tell Marketers on the VOCUS Webinar

Freaks Manifesto I’m doing a free webinar for VOCUS in a few days, and I want you to come and take a listen. Essentially, I’ll be talking about how this whole business about Freaks relates to your marketing opportunities and experiences. The story will be largely based on what you’ve already read in my book. But I thought I’d share a bit of it here, too. Okay by you?

Marketing for Freaks

The primary point I’ll make during the webinar is that what’s out is the concept of trying to market to as many people as possible. What’s in, instead, is working to ensure that the people you most want to attract feel heard, understood, and cared about through your efforts. What does it take to make this shift? It’s a little bit more work, I’ll admit. But it’s also much more rewarding.

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The Strange Nature of Lists

Chris Brogan I was named one of the Top 50 Leadership and Management Experts according to Inc magazine the other day. The list is rather impressive and filled with people I admire a great deal. People like Tom Peters and Richard Branson and with friends like Guy Kawasaki and Steve Farber and many more. It’s an honor, and yet, it’s important to try never to be swayed by lists of this nature, as well.

Lists Serve Their Makers More Than the Recipients

While my ego is really thrilled to be even seen in the same breath as those people who are above the list, it’s also worth nothing that people like Bill Gates didn’t make the list. Bill not a leader? He changed the whole damned world (save your hate. He did change it, and is doing even more with his foundation with Melinda Gates). Many other amazing leaders missed the cutoff, friends like Charles H. Green, who has led huge movements for years. And because of that, it’s easy to know that the list serves a purpose, but isn’t something I should dwell on for especially long.

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Terry Brock Interviews me about Freaks

Terry Brock

I really love Terry Brock. He’s SUCH a professional. If you could’ve seen HOW he put this interview together, your mind would be blown. He used Google Hangouts plus a screencasting app plus ALL kinds of little masterful tricks. Honestly, even though this is about me and promotes my book (which I really want you to buy), what’s so cool is just how professional Terry is and how he pulled this all together. It’s really worth connecting with Terry and getting to know him better.

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Bold Action Drives Success

Chris Brogan In the past several months, on many fronts, I have pushed past my comfort zone. Unofficially, my private mantra has been “comfort is a prison.” Since pushing on many levels, I’ve found success in all kinds of small but meaningful ways. This is all leading towards something else.

Bold Action Drives Success

In the movies, we see all bold action as the difference between life and death. More often, in our lives, it’s the difference between life and settling. The time for average is over. Don’t believe me?

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My Speech from Pioneer Nation

Chris Brogan

Once again, Chris Guillebeau and team have made magic. I loved my experience at Pioneer Nation and now the video of my speech has been released. If you can get to this event next year, go. It’s the best produced and most personable event I’ve attended in ages. Here’s my speech:

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Commit and Grow Stronger

Spartan Shield In the last handful of days, I’ve made some commitments to people. I made two on the last day. In all cases, I’ve agreed to put my resources to bear against their problems and to help them find new levels of success. It made me think about the stories of the Spartans in Steven Pressfield’s The Warrior Ethos (which I’ve just reread for probably the fourteenth time).

Protect Everyone

In The Warrior Ethos is this little detail about Spartan warrior society:

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My New Vastly Superior Business Model’s Secret Glue

Violette the Thinker I was having trouble falling asleep last night and I realized it was because I was thinking about who else I could connect Mark Divine and Joe DeSena with to improve their goals of getting their ideas out to more people. And then I went immediately into thinking about how I could work more with Rachel Gogos and a few other people to even more business. You see, this is a huge chunk of how I now spend my calories.

My Business Model’s Secret Glue

If there’s a “secret glue” to my new and amazing and vastly superior business model, it’s this: the monchu is the media. ( What the heck is a monchu?) And by that, if I serve the community I have the pleasure to serve, I’ll build up far more success than if I go around trying to “find customers.” Instead, I think about how to help Gary & Sylvia meet their success goals. I’m working to help Terry Simpson get the word out to his people.

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